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Two New Books! Perfect Summer Reading For Creative Minds

Two new titles from Lark Crafts are sure to please - and will be welcomed additions to your summer reading list. By now, some of you have realized that I seldom review books that don't garner 4 or 5 starts from me. I simply won't waste precious time reading books that don't please me .. so my star rating are genuine - it's just the reason that you never see reviews from that are not worthy of my time and attention!  I'm exceedingly grateful to be able to review some titles from Lark - and, even though these titles are provided to me, if I review them  it means that I would buy them for myself.  So here we go:  * * * * Paperback: 132 pages Publisher: Lark Crafts (June 5, 2012) ISBN-13: 978-1454701996 Collage is definitely not my strong suit - generally I struggle with it and use it sparingly in my work. That being said, with my keen interest in all things transparent, I have found a renewed interest in collage and this book arrived at the right time! The b

Texture Tuesday from Kim Klassen

Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday is something that I like to do - as often as I can remember to at least! This weeks theme was "quotes". I chose a quote from Carl Jung since I admire his work. This image of a sunflower has been a favorite since I 'captured' it several years ago. I love how 'tufty' the pollen looks and I eally feel like I can get into the heart of the flower with this image. The original image is much lighter and brighter - more in your face, but I thought the deeper coloration worked best for the quote. I used several textures from one of Kim's collections : 'scrapit',' ugglove' and 'hello'. Yeah ! I made it by Tuesday this week!