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The Week In Review: A Pyramid Book Holder, A Wee Purse and Some Felted Booties

I have long considered buying one of these handy dandy triangular book /Ipad/Kindle holders. I thought that they would be especially good when I read in bed. I tend to lie on my side and getting a book to be at a good angle for reading is sometimes a struggle.  I've seen similar items for sale on Levenger, but they cost between $39.-$43. and I was just not enthused at the construction or the fabric choices. Once I began looking I found other brands, but with only slightly more inspiring fabrics. Not that the fabric really matters all that much I suppose, you might prefer a more neutral fabric rather than an overbright one, plus the fabric is generally hidden by your book or device anyway, but if I can make one that I love why not try?!
I absolutely fell in love with this fabric that was a part of our  'awefull raffle' at a "Sewcial" last weekend.  I was thrilled to win it - along some other fabric pieces that are equally special, but these sheep just tugged at m…

The Lucky Winner Is ....

Thanks to the randomizing wizardry of you are the winner of some wonderful new pearlescent paints!
I will be forwarding your address information to "the powers that be". You should be hearing from Elaine from Niji / Yasutomo very soon telling you when your new paints will be shipping !

First Frost Shawl

This is my latest knit shawl. The pattern is called the Xenia Shawl by Vanessa Smith. Available through the wonders of Ravelry! As I worked on it I was not sure that I was going to like it, but now that it is done it has quickly become a favorite!
I had originally tried to get it made by December 25th. It was a KAL through the SunShine Yarnies group on Ravelry. Alas, I did not get it blocked and ready to wear until December 29th! It uses two SunShine yarns, and it is a crescent shaped shawl - one of my favorites if I had to choose a favorite other than the Faroese shape that is! The pattern utilized a couple of things that were new me, and that's great because I love learning something new! This way of adding a stripe was different, but I love it. It looks as nice on the front (the photo above)as it does on the back (see the photo below)
I love the little bit of additional texture that this method provides as well (photo below). Subtle but nice!
Now - on the next shawl. I am almo…

Give-a-Way Special ! Yasutomo Pearlescent Paint Set

These are two, among many, things that I love. I love these yummy sets of Yasutomo Pearlescent watercolors  and I love a good give-a-way! I really enjoy using these luscious paints! The colors are rich and saturated, plus they are 'buildable'; you can create layers of pearlescent colors to make your look as pale or as saturated as you like.

 The best part is that YOU can win one of these sets!
In order to so so there TWO simple things to do:
1.     Leave a comment on this post. 2.     Like theYasutomo FaceBook page (mention that you came from my blog!)
How simple is that?!
I will announce  the winner  here on   Monday, January 13th, 2014  as well as on the  Yasutomo FaceBook page.
Good Luck!

Birds of A Feather Fabrics, Duo Fuse Fleece and Camel Back Carryall

I can't quite explain the pleasure that I have been experiencing at my full circle return to all things sewing, but it feels really good! As some of you may remember, I did a huge fabric purge this past summer to the tune of thirteen large white plastic bags filled to the brim. Other folks were happy to have all of it and I'm giddy because I feel like I can now buy just a bit of fabric that really calls to me without the fear that it will all be buried under yardage that I long ago lost interest in. 
This new line ( I actually discovered that it came out in November, but it is new to me), 'Birds Of A Feather' by Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller fabrics, is one of my favorites. I found it in irresistible fat quarter packets from The Stitchin' Post, and of course, since I have an addiction for feathers, I had to buy additional yardage of several of the designs! I have to comment on the Stitchin Post's customer service too. In a note that I added to my order …