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Reduction Printing Experiment

Cloth Paper Scissors * Issue 38 *  September-October 2011 * page 40 I decided that I was really going to enjoy this time off - something seems to have shifted in me recently. Maybe having my position eliminated and having to start another job threw a circuit in my head but I am determined to use my time off and to enjoy every minute of it that I can. This recent article by Lisa Thorpe in Cloth Paper Scissors piqued my interest. I had recently taken my Speedall carving tools out of hibernation so it seemed like a good time to try this technique. Of course I decided to try it on the spur of the moment - after I failed at nap time because I was battling 'monkey mind'. I pulled 4 colors ( yellow, bright lime green, medium green and magenta) of heavy body acrylic out of the drawer,  grabbed a piece of  Dick Blick easy-cut printing block and had at it.  The idea is to plan a a piece, cutting different areas away as you go from lightest color (I used yellow) to darkest color

Weekend Earring Experiments

I've been wanting to make some earrings for a long time and I took being on vacation as an opportunity to make some last weekend. I already had everything on hand - most of it bought long ago when the temptation to make earrings first interested me.  Top left to right:  amethyst, freshwater seed pearls and silver Orangeaid: orange glass 'hearts' that I've had for years, orange saucer beads,black Swarovski crystals Square pearls (silver) 'cheese', black Swarovski crystals and silver mice Bottom left to right: round pearls (copper), moonstone chips and gold spacer beads lamp work beads that friend Janet gave to me years ago, moonstone chips, gold spacer beads briolettes (not sure what they are), silver cats and assorted seed bead spacers I had a lot of fun making these earrings and expect I will make more. Since I'm looking towards the future when my Social Security will be poverty level (but hey! I won't have to be at work!) I am thinking up ways that

Round Robin Book Almost Ready To Set Free.

This top photograph is simple a piece of black fabric that must have seen some sun and gotten 'burned'. The effect of the 'burn' is enchanting though as the selvedge line mirrored the opposite and the effect makes the bluish area look like a beautiful piece of woven silk- which is more obvious if you double click on the photo. Actually I think double clicking all of the photos will give you a better idea of what this is all about . I used my chop in wax on the front cover. In other news. Pen Stuart has started a little a journal round robin. So, by August 29th nine of us will send our books on to another person who will add pages. We we all chose a theme - loosely interpretable- and my choice was typography (letters, calligraphy). Some of the other fun themes are: Along The Line, Beauty of The Earth, Music: Lose Control, Quotes: More Than Words, get the idea. I chose to go small with my journal and chose a small size water color journal from Molesk

Tools Of The Trade. What Are Your favorites ?

As most of you may be aware I am an art supply and tool junkie. I wish there was a job would allow me to test drive all sorts of mixed media and art supplies. When I was told that my job had been eliminated my first thought was "how will I get art supplies"? Nothing about food, bills or jaunts - just a fear that I would be unable to enjoy new art tools!  In honor of my addiction I thought it might be fun to share some of favorite art supplies and tools with you. These are the tools that I reach for almost daily. Although I love quite a few products from the same place all of these tools described in this post were purchased by me - none of them were supplied to me. I'd love it if you would shares you secret tool fetishes, likes and dislikes with me ! Zinsser 98005 1-Inch Seam Roller $2.99 on Amazon. This handy tool got one star on Amazon but I love it! It works like a dream to roll things flat and assure adherence. I had to buy a second one to have in my "walk

The Truth ABout Myself

My friend Maria sent me this beautiful quote from Macrina Wiederkehr . Oh God Help me to believe  The truth about myself No matter how  beautiful it is.  For some reason this quote spoke loudly and clearly to me and I thought perhaps it might speak to you as well. How many times have people complimented us (me,you) and, rather than accepting the sincere praise, have we side stepped the compliment thinking that the person was "just being nice"? I've done this all my life and it hasn't helped my self esteem issues one little bit. This is a thought pattern that I simply have to break... at least try to break! Happy mid week to all !

Opposites - ATC's for August

Starting my cards for Arts In The Cards this month was a truly grounding exercise for me. The burble at work threw me off center for a bit and it was art that got me back on track - but not without a few false starts! The theme this month was 'opposites' and my cards explore the opposites of smooth and not smooth, light and dark, glossy and matte. I used one of my hand carved stamps on cotton with ink, the word 'explore' (because that's what I like to do), and a bit 'o gloss. I was, finally happy with my cards. I say finally because I had made half of another set that I couldn't connect to and wasn't happy with. Despite the time wasted I decided to toss them and start all over again. The first set (see the photo below) was simply too fussy and packed for my liking. They made me uncomfortable to look at. I'm glad I tossed them - but thought you'd like see how I got from there to here - is it here to there? These were added to the p

Cherub's Blessing

Thanks to Karen Musgrave I discovered a beautiful poem that inspired this photograph. The poem was written by  Stephanie Kaza and it goes like this : We live by the sun, We feel by the moon, We move by the stars, We live in all things, All things live in us, We eat from the earth, We drink from the rain, We breathe of the air, We live in all things, All things live in us, We call to each other, We listen to each other,  Our hearts deepen with love and compassion, We live in all things, All things live in us, We depend on the trees and animals,  We depend on the earth,  Our minds open with wisdom and insight, We live in all things, All things live in us, We dedicated our practice to others,  We include all forms of life,  We celebrate the joy of living-dying, We live in all things, All things live in us, We are full of life, We are full of death,  We are grateful for all beings and companions.

Tulip Dreams

I originally took this photo on April 10, 2010. I knew that I wanted to do something with it but wasn't sure what. At that point I knew less about Photoshop than I do now. I decided to cheer myself up yesterday evening by playing with some of the wonders of PS CS5 and this was the result. I am so pleased with this Tulip Dream. It was worth waiting to be able to do. It has 6 layers and each one really helped make it one good tulip portrait ! Maybe it will be made into greeting cards ?

When Control Of Your Life Is Not Your Own and A Note On Mercury Retrograde

I was thinking about how difficult it can be to know what to do when the map of your life heads into the unknown and others have control of your direction. Late last week I had decided that this was a time in my life when I, indeed, had no control over my immediate future. I decided that the only thing I could do was to try and remain as centered as I could (and that was tenuous at best for a few days!) and carry on with  'real' life - that being my life away from work.  At home nothing had changed. It was still the place that I can relax, find center and continue on. I love the stability of my life - which is really quite funny because when I young and foolish I used to think stability was highly over rated - if not down right boring. Now I love my routines and my comforting stability. Amazing how your core beliefs can change as you grown up !   You would never know that I love photography by these photos. It was drizzling outside and I just couldn't get the lighting cons

Michelle Ward Crusade # 53 : Mad Scientist

Every month I look forward to Michelle Ward's "Crusades" I get so much out of them and eagerly anticipate the monthly challenge. No one presents a challenge better than Michelle! I had a lot more ideas in mind to play with along the lines of this theme - until last week when I was informed that my job was eliminated. I have been struggling to maintain focus since then although I know in my heart and in my faith that ll of it will work out. I just got thrown off center a bit. Rather than miss the deadline of today - I decided to use this early variation on the theme.  Thanks Michelle for helping me focus even when the earth is moving under your feet!