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Quilting & Sewing in 2117? What Will It Be?

Thoughts wanted! Just a very quick post because the future of quilting and sewing was on my mind today   As I work to finally finish the backing for my 1876 Centennial Quilt (why did I choose to piece rather than simply use a 'fat back' ?!....I know I wanted to use up ALL of the fabrics that I had purchased for the quilt). I began to ruminate on the future of quilting. Perhaps the future of sewing in general as a valued skill. The original maker of the 1876 Quilt may well have wondered how and where her quirky quilt would be in a hundred years (which, ironically, just happened to be 1976 when the 'great quilting revival' was in full bloom and was also when a I began to make quilts ). Where, I wonder, will our quilts end up. Well loved and in pride of place at a family member's home? Ragged and torn in a basement? What do you envision 'quilters and quilting' in 2117? Will people still be making and using quilts? Will sewing still be a viable art form and av

Summery Frocks & Sweet Surrender Update

Most often I seem to wear clothes with rounded necks, and I wanted to switch up and sew some v-necks. I find that many RTW (ready to wear) v-necks styles are cut too low for my taste, so I decided that it was time to try a pattern with a v-neck. This is a 2003 Vogue pattern (7724) designed by Koko Beall. A "very easy" at that. Since I have not used a Vogue pattern in years and since I needed to grade between sizes I had planned to make a muslin of the pattern. I am a fan of soft Indian cottons and last April I ordered 5 yards of a border print from an EBay vendor. I decided to use some of that fabric to make what I hoped would become a 'wearable muslin'. Hoping, I suppose, that my first try would work, and it did, but not without a few ups and downs. I graded between sizes in several areas and, thankfully, it worked outfairly well. The finished dress fit well enough, but I felt that a summer dress would benefit by being a bit looser. After 'sleeping on it'