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So Many "Sew-Full" Things

As I have been enjoying my shirtmaking, other thiings have piled up on my "to get finished" pile. My latest quilt, "Restricted" (for it's restricted palette challenge), has an appointment for quilting and is still lacking its backing. The backing will feature Zebras! A find from a favorite fabric store in Anacortes, Washington called "Fabrics Plus" . I can always find something perfect there. I will be adding more of the Marcia Derse's "Black and Whites", and some of the great Alexander Henry "Stockade Stripes" border fabric. I just need to stopmaking shirts! I have to get my donation quilt, for the children in school at Seattle's Pike Place's market needs to be! The backing is flannel with frogs...not quite the right blue but it will be soft and look just fine with binding. Our Guild, Rainshadow Quilting Arts Guild, makes these quilts every year. The school caters to the children of the working poor a

Happiness is Another New Shirt Made By Me

I didn't think that I would enjoy making shirts as much as I am. I enjoy wearing shirts and it is fun to be able to make them from whatever fabrics I choose. I also think that finding a pattern you like is another key to enjoyment. I was lucky to find Brensan Studios patterns on Etsy. They are simple and just what I like, although the fashions show. On the envelope are not to my taste. I'll make one more short sleeved version and then turn my attention to long sleeves...and another pattern or two or three.... This shirt is made from a Rayon from Island Batik. It's called "Shark Tank" ... why it is called that eludes me! I found the buttons in one of my button stashes....they are "Streamline" brand and the card was marked 60 cents! It's a good thing that I had them too because this is most definitely not a color that wear often...and the alternative might have blah white buttons? I was just a bit short on fabric and so I substituted a cotton b

Basic Short Sleeve Shirt

What fun! I have been taking a foray back to some light apparel sewing. For me these days tops are my main "fashion accessory"...and I have always enjoyed wearing nice tops . I have made several "woven tees" from several different patterns and finally decided that it was time to make a button down shirt. This one is from Brensan Studios (Etsy) and is the "Basic Short Sleeve Shirt". Easy easy pattern. What had me a bit worried was buttonholes...but my memories were from using somewhat "Stone Age" machines. Using my Janome MC8900 though, making perfect buttonholes -and in a shape I prefer (rounded)- was as easy as pie! Wow! that's one sewing machine foot that is worth it's weight in gold! I was surprised! One surprise for me has been that finding the more simple patterns that I prefer in apparel fabric are difficult to find. This is a Heather Bailey Rayon from her "Momentum" collection. The color is called "Navy Factor&quo

Revisiting Clothes Sewing

It has been many years since I have sewn any clothing. Once the quilting bug hit making clothes went by the wayside. I think I have mentioned that the book "Overdressed: The High Cost of Cheap Fashion " by Elizabeth Cline really hit home for me. I decided that whipping up a few tops would be a nice change of pace. In all honesty I had forgotten how quick and simple the sort of clothes that I like to wear are to stitch. This little tee took only about an time to cut the pattern out. I made a second one in a lightweight. chambray that I have not photographed.   My friend, Lauren, and I went on a hunt for apparel fabrics the other week during a trip to the mainland. Joann Fabrics was a dismal disappointment. This plaid seersucker cotton was the only thing that I managed to unearth that was suitable...and the price was right! I managed to match the plaid on the sides but need more practice to get the sleeves better matched. Thankfully, I found some great rayons and