Happiness is Another New Shirt Made By Me

I didn't think that I would enjoy making shirts as much as I am. I enjoy wearing shirts and it is fun to be able to make them from whatever fabrics I choose. I also think that finding a pattern you like is another key to enjoyment. I was lucky to find Brensan Studios patterns on Etsy. They are simple and just what I like, although the fashions show. On the envelope are not to my taste. I'll make one more short sleeved version and then turn my attention to long sleeves...and another pattern or two or three....

This shirt is made from a Rayon from Island Batik. It's called "Shark Tank" ... why it is called that eludes me! I found the buttons in one of my button stashes....they are "Streamline" brand and the card was marked 60 cents! It's a good thing that I had them too because this is most definitely not a color that wear often...and the alternative might have blah white buttons?

I was just a bit short on fabric and so I substituted a cotton batik with similar colors for the inside yoke. It worked out well. I have been playing with a few vintage sewing instruments and I am so looking forward to sharing them with you! Both are from the 1930's and I actually preferred the old one (just about new in it's lovely old box) to the modern, slightly more costly version that is widely available.

I'm off to go and cut out another top now. This next iteration will be made from some fun cotton from Alison Glass cloth.

Have you ever taken time out lately for a change of pace of project?

Did you enjoy it and come away refreshed?






  1. Yes and Yes! i must say your Aloha Shark tank ? shirt is spot on. looks like breezy leaves to me.and the buttons,a great fit i also like to use a contrasting, surprising fabric for lining and facings.i have some coconut buttons i will use for next top. one i bought a bag of ivory plastic buttons that had survived a factory fire. they were in the same shop as coconut buttons and they used to make custom aloha shirts and swim trunks for men, lined. H. Muira is gone now from Haleiwa, replaced with yet another surf shop! i collect those interesting button cards and 10 cents is the lowest price so far! i am making some drawstring pants and shorts for a more simpler, cooler summer life. who knows, i just might sleep in them.


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