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Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be?

  I have used the word 'minion' a lot in my life. As a worker bee that's what I considered myself to be. A minion to my employer. I am tickled that the word is now widely used thanks to the whimsical animated characters. The Easter Bunny brought me this Peep Minion! Perfect! These days I am allows to be my own minion. I get to "work for myself". I have become a minion to almost too many quilt projects for this year. My time is well spent in planning (I am doing much more of that than I am used to), cutting and sewing both by machine as well as by hand (the more hand work I do the more I enjoy it). I felt that I needed just a bit of a hand sewing break and so I exchanged my sewing needles for knitting needles for a day. It was refreshing! I WILL get my shawl finished before too long! It's almost time to add the blue border. All is well in my world! The sun is back and the temperatures are rising again, but I am trying to fend off a addiction

The Ennui In Equinox

During the Autumn and Spring the time of the Equinox...I seem to get a bit flummoxed. I feel tired, slightly off balance, a bit grumpy and low. So it goes. This year is no different. I was away at quilt camp which was wonderful, but, let's face it, one (at least this one), never gets as much done as hoped for. The time at a retreat is best spent re-connecting with friends and sharing laughter and fun. I came home behind...mostly with The Farmers Wife 1930's which I started simply to use up stash. I can tell that my brain was not firing on all synapses...the block at the top is what I made. The block shown below in the book is what was supposed to happen. I am okay with it really since a bright dash of the potent orange was probably enough. If I was on top of the project I probably would have re-done it is- it will do. As of today, rather than releasing two blocks per week, there be only one..that will help me a lot! The "unmentionable" project is moving