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Eco Dyeing: A Small Success Can Become Fuel For Further Experiments

A piece of white vintage kimono bundled, steamed and dried. Oh! lala..those glorious colors! You never know when a chance bit of information can your current direction on it's ear. When my friend Janet and I went to Tacoma, Washington for the Association of Pacific West Quilters she was reading this book by master eco dyer India Flint . Janet had mentioned the process to me when she returned from her silk studies class in Japan but I'm not sure how much I understood.  The book made the process a bit more clear to me and I had to buy the books. If you've never read any of India Flints work - you should. She a casual, slightly humorous style that is fun to read and the dyeing information she relates is really fascinating...another whole dyeing concept. It made me wish for some local eucalyptus leaves to play with! India Flint's blog is a treat as well. I think is India Flint's first book - it is, at least my first of her books and I love it

Beautiful Natural Dye Results and Seasonal Earrings s

Wolf Moss Lichen & fabrics: top: Silk Chiffon Bottom: Silk Charmeuse I've been very excited and anticipating trying a bit of the dye solution I made from my cache of Wolf Moss Lichen that was gathered in Roslyn, Washington last month. I wanted to try small oddments of silk so that I might have a better idea of what to expect before I sacrificed a lovely silk scarf to this briney brew.. Thankfully, I have enough of the raw ingredients to make another batch which I will save along with the remainder if batch number one. The top piece is silk chiffon that had been sitting in an alum mordant for longer than the piece of silk charmeuse had. It did make a difference in the depth of color - and also I did not microwave the charmeuese ( I hit the chiffon with a minute in the micro) which may also have affected the results. Both pieces of cloth were put in a glass and covered with dye solution and let set on the heater (gas) for an hour. I am thrilled with the color I got! It&#

Freedom From Fear - Of Color Mixing That It Is! A Class With Gail Harker

Gail Harker The San Juan County Textile Guild offers a wide range of workshops that reflect the varied interests of the members. I'm always grateful that although we live in a county composed of many islands the Guild manages to offer high quality workshops and classes from very well know artists. One of the recent offerings was a color studies class. I had wanted to take a course from Gail for quite a few years but traveling to her studios plus the cost of the courses was prohibitive for me. I was thrilled to know that she would be here to teach.  Financially it was stretch for me to go to this class but thanks to my friend, Janet's, urging I applied for a scholarship from the Textile Guild and was able to attend!  Gail Harker is very well know to some people and not too well know to many. She is a graduate of the London Cities and Guilds and her mission is to encourage her students to be the best that they can be. Her list of course offerings are varied - there real

"Lost Crates" : Put A Little Magic In Your Life!

This is top of the of the 'crate' that arrives at your door. I love the air mail stamp. Originality is a big part of the 'Lost Crates' experience and I love it ! NOTE: This is a long post about some really unique products that I received in a 'Crate' from "Lost Crates". I think you will find that many of these wonderful offerings will be things that you too would find to be a really special "gift-to-yourself" from "Lost Crates". Please enjoy this review! I first learned about Lost Crates from my forays to the 'Chatter' forum on the Fountain Pen Network. If you love pens then Fountain Pen Network is the place to visit! I joined the organization in 2008 and I find it to be one of the best run, most friendly sites in the cyber world. I may be prejudiced, nut that's my story and I'm sticking to it ! The concept of Lost Crates, having a 'crate' filled with imaginative fun goodies shipped to you ea

In Memorium: Steve Jobs

I was saddened to hear that Steve jobs lost his fierce battle with pancreatic cancer today. We have lost a visionary, a luminary in his field, and a person that I considered to be a good human being, although I never met him. Apple products have enriched my life and I pray that Apple will carry on and continue to make Apple the company that Steve Jobs always envisioned it would continue to be. I offer a prayer for Mr. Job's family tonight.

Silk Charmeuse dyed Caramel & Deep Gold

I had a great weekend this week. I finished stitching some more shibori designs onto scarves to be dyed. I dyed this silk charmeuse scarf that is 15" X 60 " (38.1 cm X 152.4 cm) using a combination of red and yellow onion skins in approximately the same proportions.  I was hoping to be able to achieve this rich caramel and deep butterscotch colors. I am very happy with it! It's destined to be a gift this week - so I hope my friend will also like it. I used both white vinegar and alum as mordants for the scarf and used approximately the same amount of red and yellow; heated them in an old crock pot set on low over night to extract the dye.  Initially, when I first unwrapped the scarf I found some areas that I had wound too vigorously so I retied some areas and over dyed some of the whiter areas. Eureka! It worked ! Now I am asking anyone that can spare their onion skins to save them for me. If you are able to and care to - I will gladly pay for postage.