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Adding A Bit Of 'Dazzle' To My Day

My friends are beginning to tease me just a bit about my thread obsession. I've always had it, but with all of the hand work I have been doing lately I am finding new ways to use some of the amazing new threads that have recently come to market. These little dazzlers are Sue Spargo's line of 8w "Dazzle" threads by Wonderfil Threads . 'Dazzle' is a rayon thread plied with two thin strands of holographic thread. The result is a thread that adds a subtle sparkle that is not overwhelmingly sparkly. A 12wt version of Dazzle is also available through Wonderfil, I might have preferred that thread size, but it is only available in larger spools - so I opted for the 8wt on the smaller, 50 yard, spools. When I need a thinner thread I have successful "un-plied" the thread as needed to suit my needs. It works well enough. The "Dazzle" colors are rich and vibrant and the thread is surprisingly strong . Rayon threads have never been a personal favorite.