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Lowland Snow 2018

For most people snow is just a big nuisance and I understand that. It IS a nuisance, especially if you have to navigate on icy, snow covered, roads. In our county many of the roads are private, ergo, plowing is the responsibility of the owner/owners. That's more than a nuisance! It's hard, cold, work! I love least I do when I can stay safe and warm at home! I love the beauty of a snow covered landscape. Snow reminds me of my New England roots and the fun of sledding, skating, snow-man-building and angels-in-the-snow (which I still enjoy). When I see snow it is like my psyche takes a deep sigh of enjoyment. Where I live snow has become relatively uncommon, so when it happens I like to go out and have a look at nature's work. It won't last long, but long enough to upset work and school plans I am sure. We have more flurries today, but temperatures are already on the rise, but low nighttime temperatures will make for dicey morning drives. Then, in the blink of

A Monthly Club Solid Fabrics

Just a quick shout out for Island Quilter . I want/need to build up my stash of solids..but was not sure if Konas were what I wanted. As it turns out, aside from being the premiere source for Kaffe Fassett et al fabrics, Island Quilter also offer a solids club. I joined it and get 5 luscious half yards of Free Spirit solids (imho they have a nicer hand than Kona) per month for a mere $17.49 (with domestic usa shipping the total is $21.99). While I am working this makes a lovely, useful and affordable, gift to myself. These fabrics will make some projects that I have in mind more easily possible. I may even consider yards rather than half yards. Anyway, I was so happy to find this great opportunity! I hope to finish my colorful squares bag this weekend. I have auditioned background fabrics for front and back and will add quilting and embroidery to both sides. I got the idea for this from a Sue Spargo kit. I could not afford the kit but have managed to make something similar. It will en

Slow Sewing & Winter Pursuits

Yep. It has been dank, dark and dreary. Typical winter weather for those of us lucky enough to live near the Canadian border in the great Pacific Northwest. Although the webs on our feet are growing as the rain continues to fall, I count us lucky when I consider the brutal winter that many people are experiencing this year It has been a woefully long time since I have swung by this blog. Somehow I always have it in mind that a social media presence, short and sweet, is what many people prefer these days, but I am also gently reminded that some people still prefer the written word and blog posts, and also that some people just don't care to "log on" to social media platforms. I'll say right now that I hope to rectify my blogging short-comings....and then I will hope that I really will! My Winter sewing plans have been slowed just a bit. In late October I happily accepted a two-day-a-week job offer. With that acceptance, another circle has closed in my life because I ha