Lowland Snow 2018

For most people snow is just a big nuisance and I understand that. It IS a nuisance, especially if you have to navigate on icy, snow covered, roads. In our county many of the roads are private, ergo, plowing is the responsibility of the owner/owners. That's more than a nuisance! It's hard, cold, work!
I love snow...at least I do when I can stay safe and warm at home! I love the beauty of a snow covered landscape. Snow reminds me of my New England roots and the fun of sledding, skating, snow-man-building and angels-in-the-snow (which I still enjoy). When I see snow it is like my psyche takes a deep sigh of enjoyment.

Where I live snow has become relatively uncommon, so when it happens I like to go out and have a look at nature's work. It won't last long, but long enough to upset work and school plans I am sure. We have more flurries today, but temperatures are already on the rise, but low nighttime temperatures will make for dicey morning drives. Then, in the blink of an eye, the snow will be gone. Daffodils, crocus and hyacinths will be brightening fields and yards and we will be celebrating the natural glories of Spring.

So just for a couple of days I am going to enjoy the snow, watching the bird feeders ("my" Flickers are back!) and kicking back to enjoy another small slice of a delicious lemon-curd filled buttermilk cake I made yesterday! (the recipe came from The Seattle Times and called for Myers Lemons but I used regular ones)...it is an excellent recipe!

Whatever weather you prefer and are currently enjoying, take some time to enjoy nature's amazing, incomparable beauty today.

PS: I finally a knit brocade dress last week. No photo yet. I started it more than a year ago and made all kinds of hideous mistakes since it was my first "make" from a very stretchy fabric. I had to figure out how to make it useable and not waste the relatively pricey fabric. Now, it is a basic, but comfortable and wearable dress.

PPS: Hand work seems to prevail right now. Two very different styles..



  1. I love the first snow of the season. Different birds arrive like the flickers and towhees. Then I'm done with it. This year we have just had cold after an early snowfall in November. The birdbath warmer died last night. There was over an inch scab of ice over the water. My tulip leaves look like forgotten lettuce in the fridge. But soon, it will be spring. I love your embroidery work. Have a beautiful, relaxing weekend.

  2. "Snow falling on cedars" a book i read many years ago comes to mind when i view your soft photos of yet another form of wonderful water. i love you handwork both vintage and
    modern. They are good companions for sitting by a window as the snowflakes sift to the grounds around you.


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