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Just a quick shout out for Island Quilter. I want/need to build up my stash of solids..but was not sure if Konas were what I wanted. As it turns out, aside from being the premiere source for Kaffe Fassett et al fabrics, Island Quilter also offer a solids club. I joined it and get 5 luscious half yards of Free Spirit solids (imho they have a nicer hand than Kona) per month for a mere $17.49 (with domestic usa shipping the total is $21.99). While I am working this makes a lovely, useful and affordable, gift to myself. These fabrics will make some projects that I have in mind more easily possible. I may even consider yards rather than half yards. Anyway, I was so happy to find this great opportunity!

I hope to finish my colorful squares bag this weekend. I have auditioned background fabrics for front and back and will add quilting and embroidery to both sides. I got the idea for this from a Sue Spargo kit. I could not afford the kit but have managed to make something similar. It will end up being about 10"X15". The squares for the front are 4" finished. Next time I will scale the whole size back to make a smaller, and for me, more usable size.....maybe 3" squares. I am having fun with some smaller, and quicker, projects lately.

Work has changed my energy reserves and I am still adjusting, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing that I can afford my monthly bills without running up more "deferred" plastic bills (plus being able to have a treat or two) is such a good feeling. I truly enjoy and respect the veterinarian that I work for and I get to see so many great animals every day. I am so very grateful for the job and I hope that I will pass muster and be able to work there for a long time. I also figure that having to multi-task, and learn a new PC based computer program is great brain exercise (with Macs I don't need to consider "F" keys and right it left clicks...so that's an exercise in itself!). I know that age discrimination is not supposed to happen, but I swear that it can and does come into play....if not explicitly mentioned.

It has been a good week so far. My miracle worker hair stylist lopped off 1.5" of my hair and it looks so much better. I am really enjoying having my hair long again...it feels more comfortable to me. Awful image but it's the hair not the bare naked face!

Wishing everyone a great, colorful weekend!



  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! You look so young! Mine was a little longer (think back bra strap) and when it gets that long it becomes a bird nest. The fabrics are gorgeous. I love solids. I still go back to Amish quilts for inspiration when I need to get out of a funk. The thought of having a job where you get to meet fur people all day long sounds heavenly. Have a wonderful weekend!


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