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Hipstamatic = The Best Reason To Own My IPhone!

The mailing envelope I had waited to renew my Verizon contract in the hope that they would offer the IPhone at some point. Of course, it finally happened and I was chomping at the bit to place my order.  I am not a big phone chatterer and although I am a lover of all things Mac when the Iphone finally arrived I had to second guess myself before I spent the money on the IPhone. As things turned out, with my discount for re-upping my contract, getting the Iphone was not any more costly than getting any other phone that I would have been likely to choose so I bravely brandished my plastic and ordered the "phone of my dreams". I managed to find a cover that was the perfect "it" green of my dreams too. A loverely package. When you open the mailing envelope this is what you see - well, minus my photograph! What I had no way of knowing at the time was that the best reason to have my IPhone was not using it as a phone at all. Yes, it does that quite well - Verizon wor

Spring Theme ATC Exchange

This exchange is for the Roses On My Table art group.I have been having an exhilarating time learning to use Photoshop more effectively. There is lot to learn and I have a long to go, but it is slowing filtering into my brain. I find that I like relative simplicity in my cards. When I try to do too much to them them seem to come out just overdone and a bit awkward I think. There are some people who use lots of things on the cards with wonderful results - but I can't seem to do that with much finesse. One of the reasons that I want to learn PhotoShop so much is that this is my 'comfort' zone - or will be one day! Front and back of the card For these cards I combined 5 layers using images from one of my paintings and one of photographs. I printed them out on cotton - like a pale ghost image -and then painted each one with watercolors and ink. This is a very comfortable way of working for me and I truly enjoy the process. I am also almost always surprised at what happens

Art Journal Auctions!

Heart Rock   Last year I participated in a traveling journal exchange. through Blissfully Art Journaling . The plan was to auction the books (Moleskine) at the end of their travels through ArtlLand and donate the proceeds to charity. Well, they are finally listed on EBay! You will find the links and other information below thanks to Altered Arts Blog. This is a a very talented, great group of artists and women. There were pages specifically left blank in the book so that that the new owner would be able to add their own art work or thoughts. This is a chance to enjoy the work of some terrifically talented mixed media artists. I participated in the "Love" journal and, believe it or not, one of my pages (below) is highlighted on the EBay page. Have a look at the auctions, read about the selected charities and consider placing a bid!   One of pages in the "Love" journal The following information is from Altered Arts Blog" "...In January 2010 a small g

Camp Burton Quilting Retreat on Vashon Island

The sign that greeted our arrival at CAMP BURTON I had such a superlative retreat weekend that it's difficult to know where to begin the tale. It will take some sifting and sorting; organizing of thought and photos. I thought I would just share some photos at this point and go into more details in future posts. This outing was organized by two forces to be reckoned with. Two delightful Barbaras. Barbara Gonce of Lopez Island and Barbara Snider of Friday Harbor and Seattle. There were 15 of us culled from the islands and the mainland - and two lovely women from out-of-state who arrived as guests of other participants. The location, Camp Burton on Vashon Island , has been around for a long time - I may be mistaken but I think it started in 1909- or was it 1921? Well, one way or the other it has been there for a long time! The newest area is the retreat center where we stayed. It's right on the water - sweeping views wherever you look. The sewing area was only steps away from

I Thought All Gesso Was The Same !

Just a really quick note today. I am off cavorting with some friends - so there will be some fun updates coming up. I wanted to mention a product that I tried today .... I always thought that gesso was, simply, a tool and, although I do try to use the best tools that I can afford, I never considered Gesso to be a tool that would be of significantly different quality. In the past I have generally bought either Golden or Liquitex gesso and was always happy with the coverage. BUT....last week I happened to be ordering a few watercolors from Daniel Smith  and, since I  was low on gesso , I added a quart of ' Daniel Smith Brand Gesso' to my order. I just tried it  today- and I am here to say that there is a difference in gesso! The DS brand gesso is so darn smooth - and  it imparts a delightful , silky smooth surface. It's available in more colors than I ever thought possible too. I have only used white. I was pretty surprised at the smooth consistency and with lovely, smooth

Birds Indigo

When Linda posted the latest ATC challenge theme of "Indigo" on Arts In The Cards Yahoo group (our blog is here) I wondered where to take the theme. I had taken a natural dyeing class last year and, during the three day class, we had an indigo vat going. At first, I thought about using some of the resultant fabric for this theme challenge.  Then, as I daydreamed about what to do, I began to listen to the birds. The outdoor sounds change with the arrival of more of Springs song birds and I  thought about the Indigo Bunting. Although we don't have this bird here in the Pacific Northwest I remember it from life before I moved to 'the island'. The Indigo Bunting became my interpretation of Linda's theme. To me this little songster also heralds Spring and sunlight! To make this card I used a combination of 4 different photos, Derwent Inktense pencils, inks, stamps and a hint of metal. In a nod to the earthquake tragedy in Japan I had to add some ori

Evidence That I Am

Evidence That I Am I've always enjoyed the monthly challenges (a/k/a Crusades) that one one of my favorite artists, Michelle Ward , poses on her website for the Green Pepper Street Team . I haven't participated in awhile - and I am also behind in my New Year's commitment to stay current with the " Sketchbook Challenge ". I do have hopes of becoming current with both places though! This month Michelle posed the challenge: Series: Evidence; A Forensic Self Portrait. The concept really intrigued me. I have lots of ideas floating through my head based on this theme but this is the one that popped out first. I used inks, acrylics, gesso, decorative papers  (some supplied by Michelle), stamps and pens to create this page. I had no idea where it was going when I began and I hemmed and hawed before deciding that it was "done". It's the first of what I think may become a series though. A warm-up maybe. Self portraits a very interesting concept I think. W

Time Skitteredd Away From Me Again!

This photo? Just because I love her! It amazes me how one small jog in life can throw me off these days! One weeks gets fuller than usual with the stuff of 'life' and I seem to get farther and farther behind.  Remember when I mentioned that I was planning a 'pithy' post? Well - here it is. I've decided that I simply have to learn more about using PhotoShop. That pursuit had has been eating up some of my time. It's all easy when you know how I guess but something as simple as not knowing the correct term for what I want to accomplish can cause me to spend hours researching  what "it" is in my books. I spent an hour or more this morning trying to figure out how to restore my 'workspace' which I thought of more as different sort of 'tool bar'.  I finally invested in a " Teach Yourself Visually PhotoShop " book and that I can at least follow. I love the "Teach Yourself Visually" series and own quite a few on various