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Inspired Yarns

No painting, mixed media or quilting things today but I just had to share some truly unique, inspiring yarns. I continue to lust for my knitting needles in the evenings, although my need to sew has re-emerged strongly, and that makes me very happy! Mixed media still rules as well. I can never resist the paint pots for long! Right now I am itching to try the new Golden's new High Flow Acrylics line, but cash flow is , indeed, limited these days! This is "Patina" yarn and it was showcased at AnaCrossStitch in Anacortes Washington. It was knit up in a lovely cowl pattern from Schoppel/Skacel. I considered this cowl and yarn during the ensuing weeks, and during an off island trip yesterday, I decided that I needed to wear this pattern! Or, maybe it will become a gift? I'm not sure yet. It should be fun to knit, and the yarn is a delight! The pattern name is "Cashmere Queen" , although Patina is not the cashmere yarn that was originally used to knit the p

Three Thing I Didn't Know I Needed

Horn of America Deluxe Sewing Chair in the color option that I chose I recently got two items that had been on my 'want' list for some time, but I had never put them on my 'need' list. After using these two things, however, I wish I had gotten them sooner. The first wonderful addition for me is a great sewing chair. In approximately 2000 some of my friends had given me a good office chair for my birthday, and it has served me long and well. It will remain 'in service' at my 'mixed media' table. My friend, Lauren, had organized the office to chip in for this birthday gift, and if I had to guess, I bet that she added the lion's share of the necessary money. I loved it because it was cushy and a vast improvement to what I had been using as a sewing chair. I realized some time ago that my back needed more substantial support. I had been looking at sewing chairs and was astounded at how much they cost. Office chairs did , indeed, seem to be a

Annual Quilting Retreat To Cle Elum Washington

Heading up towards Snoqualmie pass I look forward to two annual retreats with my quilty friends. One in the Spring on Vashon Island, Washington and this one in the Fall to Cle Elum, Washington. One of favorite parts of the trip is going through the mountain pass at Snoqualmie . The elevation is a mere 3,022 feet, but that's enough for this lowland gal.This pass pretty much separates Western Washington from Eastern Washington and the views, even from the car, are quite spectacular. I was surprised to be able to get any 'near clear' images from the moving car! I always appreciate my friend, Janet, agreeing to take me with her and do the driving. She is the one who started this yearly ritual about five years ago. The shop and retreat cottage used to be in Roslyn, Washington (home to the old, wonderful TV show "Northern Exposure"). The " Crazy For Quilts " shop owner, Nancy Bronk, moved the retreat to a luxurious home in Cle Elum two years ago. Mo