Inspired Yarns

No painting, mixed media or quilting things today but I just had to share some truly unique, inspiring yarns. I continue to lust for my knitting needles in the evenings, although my need to sew has re-emerged strongly, and that makes me very happy! Mixed media still rules as well. I can never resist the paint pots for long! Right now I am itching to try the new Golden's new High Flow Acrylics line, but cash flow is , indeed, limited these days!

This is "Patina" yarn and it was showcased at AnaCrossStitch in Anacortes Washington. It was knit up in a lovely cowl pattern from Schoppel/Skacel. I considered this cowl and yarn during the ensuing weeks, and during an off island trip yesterday, I decided that I needed to wear this pattern! Or, maybe it will become a gift? I'm not sure yet. It should be fun to knit, and the yarn is a delight! The pattern name is "Cashmere Queen", although Patina is not the cashmere yarn that was originally used to knit the pattern with.

Next up, below, is lusciousness from famed Sundara Yarns. I'd heard about this brand yarn for some time, and have wanted to try it! With a generous 500 yards per skein I will be able to chose from many patterns. It has to be special though. Thank you Sundara!

Can you spell utterly divine?!

The next new find  is Souk yarn from Cascade Yarns. My color choice is #14 "Modern" (who me?!). Once again I found this treasure at AnaCrossStitch. They are great folks and would be happy to send this yarn and pattern right to your door for you! The pattern that I will use it for is called "Groovy" and it is available from Ravelry. AnaCrossStitch will be happy to sell it and include it in the bag with the yarn! I would not have considered knitting this pattern had I not seen it knit up and being worn by a woman who just happened to come into the store while I was there. There was another colorway that included all of my favorite greens, but this colorway really grabbed me, and so I am going to knit out of my comfort colors! Well, maybe not really out of them there is, after all, a lot of orange and green in here too! This is not a cost prohibitive pattern - so enjoy - as I will!

Groovy Pattern is available at Ravelry


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