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Sand & Sea Morlynn Shawl

I have to say that I am surprised at how much the knitting bug has struck me! I just can't stop. It's the perfect thing for the evenings! I began knitting this full sized shawl on March 2nd and finished it on March 27th. I love it ! The pattern is available on Ravelry and is called the Morlynn Shawl  I like it enough that I may well knit a second! I used a size 4 needle. The end result is a 66"(167.64 cm)  wingspan by 31" (78.740 cm) maximum depth at bottom. The center section does get boring but as I knit I knew that it would be worth it. The lace edging is fun,easy and looks wonderful! The pattern is very well written and is very easy to follow - both written and charted directions are included. The yarn that I used is Tosh Merino Light in Jasper and Sand Dune colorways. One skein of each is all you need, and you end up with just a very little bit left of the main color and some yards of the lace edge color. I love this yarn. It's got a lovel

The Most Glorious Dessert

 I have to admit to having a sweet tooth. I'm not that fond of ice cream or pies - and even candy comes second to my love of cake and other delightful, ethereal sweet treats. DH goes hunting for special desserts to delight me, and last night he presented me with this jewel. I was absolutely astounded at how beautifully presented the special treat was. This dessert company, called Alki Bakery I think, makes some of the most elegant desserts that I have ever seen. All as luscious to eat as they are beautiful to behold, The things that they manage to do with think chocolate layers is amazing! This little beauty had thin petals of white and dark chocolate, formed into a cup that looked like a tulip to me. I was expecting a minty flavor in the middle based upon the slight green color, but it was a delectable ambrosia like concoction instead. The dessert was a perfect balance of sweet but not too too rich. Amazing. It was difficult to eat such a beautiful thing - but I managed to de

My Favorite Multi Media and Writing Notebooks and Journals

Stillman and Birn Beta series hard bound notebook Journals and notebooks have been a large part of my life for many years. In the late 1970's when I first considered 'journaling', which at the time was probably called having a 'diary', I just added notes to a calendar. From there I progressed to having a day planner that gave me more space to write - a small page a day. Next came the real journals (which I have tried blank, ruled and squared).  Finally, when I began to do 'visual journaling' more often than not I found that I needed more than one kind of notebook. I now use a 'regular' journal for my daily writing, to do lists, things to buy or look for, books to read, films to see etc etc (see my favorites below) as well as a mixed media journal.   My mixed media journal needs to have good quality, nice paper that is tough enough take the demands of wet media and, at times, 'distressing'. As always I had grand time trying a vari

Quilt Retreat on Vashon Island 2013

The flowering tree that I have 'adopted' and take images of every year! I always look forward to our yearly quilt retreats to Camp Burton on Vashon Island , Washington. Vashon Island is closer to mainland US and Seattle than we are, but the town has not lost is funk the way our  island seems to have over the years    Some years we enjoy some sun, but this year it was it was mostly cold, windy and rainy and so there were not many opportunities for walks along the beach which I had thoroughly intended to enjoy, along with some sketching on the deck that overlooks this lovely inlet. Hopefully next year! This quilt, which was hanging in the front of Island Quilter, was made by Luke Haynes of Seattle. It's comprised of what looks like shirts and jeans. I was fascinated at the power of the piece. Island Quilter , which is one of the most wonderful quilt shops imaginable is on Vashon Island. It carries the most complete line of Kaffe Fassett fabrics of anywhere (ot

Sleepy Cat & Bird's Lodge

"Yawn! It's been a hard day around here... I need a nap" Most of you who are owned by a feline know how much they love to snuggle in somewhere. Tillie has claimed the bed as her own since the first day that she arrived. She deigns to allow us to use it at certain times of the day and night! Lately, she has developed a way tucking herself in without our help. She burrows in on one side of the bed and then winds her way underneath the cover until she finds the best place to lay her head. "Why are you bothering me?" "Now I'm ready for a snooze" The images are not great quality - it was dark in the room and the flash would have irritated her highness greatly - so these are the best I could do! I was asked to test a new product for a company (more on who when it is available), and the simple instructions read " make it artsy, craftsy, functional or fun". I must have had birds on my mind because I set to making this bird

Gift Certificate Choice & Latest Knits

Gel cushion For those of you who may wonder what I finally ended up buying with my $50.00 gift certificate - here is the answer. I have to admit to spending far more time than was reasonable dithering about my decision. Books? Art supplies?  What would be something that I would use and remember my luck with? The answer may surprise you - as it did me when I finally pushed the 'buy me' button. Some of you know that I have had some back surgeries, have severe arthritis, fibromyalgia etc etc. Along with these issues my venerable desk chair is getting old, and the foam has compressed. I can't afford a new chair right now, but I decided to give one of the gel infused seat cushions a try. I can use it when I go to quilting retreats and lectures. The reviews are mixed but generally positive, and I know that I would not have thought to simply buy it myself. So thank you M. J. Rose for you generous windfall! I hope to review many more of your amazing books! Knittin

Circular Knitting Needle Comparison

When I use something a lot I have to admit that I try to find the brand that works best for me. I never thought that I would ever be a scissor snob until I found Dovo  brand scissors and, of course I love my trusty Fiskars too . I became a scissor snob thank to Dovo.  Now I seem to be searching for the perfect knitting needles - the perfect one for me at least. I have been enjoying the 'chase' and I think I am close to knowing exactly what my preference is, and want, in a knitting needles .  I only use circular knitting needles. When I first taught myself to knit myself  that's what I used and my preference has not changed. I began knitting with Addi Turbo needles. That is the brand that my LYS sold and I have always loved how slick and fast they are. I have sets of Addi clicks interchangeables in both lace and regular.  Over time, I have discovered what I want in a knitting needle: metal, the pointiest tip possible, a fast knitting, slick, metal needle and a