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For those of you who may wonder what I finally ended up buying with my $50.00 gift certificate - here is the answer. I have to admit to spending far more time than was reasonable dithering about my decision. Books? Art supplies?  What would be something that I would use and remember my luck with? The answer may surprise you - as it did me when I finally pushed the 'buy me' button. Some of you know that I have had some back surgeries, have severe arthritis, fibromyalgia etc etc. Along with these issues my venerable desk chair is getting old, and the foam has compressed. I can't afford a new chair right now, but I decided to give one of the gel infused seat cushions a try. I can use it when I go to quilting retreats and lectures. The reviews are mixed but generally positive, and I know that I would not have thought to simply buy it myself. So thank you M. J. Rose for you generous windfall! I hope to review many more of your amazing books!

Knitting has been keeping busy and I am seriously wondering where this passion stems from. I certainly never thought to knit for most of my life. This project is called the "Color Affection" Shawl. Simple to knit with short rows. If you've never used short rows don't fear. They are very easy and after making this project you will know them inside and out!  These were the yarns I had selected. Madeline Tosh "Tosh Merino Light" in Olivia and Ginger and Malabrigo Sock in Arbol (the darker brown).

The Color Affection Pattern on Ravelry
Below is the finished shawl. I love this pattern and will, no doubt, make another in the future. It's a great pattern that you should really have a look at. If you're not a Ravelry member - how come? It's the best place for knitters and crocheters to explore. Inspiration and enjoyment - a great combination !

My next project is another beautiful shawl. This one is the Morlynn Shawl. Here's the Ravelry link.
 These images are awful but I'm sure one is not supposed to slurp the photos from the web - but I hoped to let you have a look at the pattern and also to give you a glimpse
, albeit blurry, of the final look
These are the colors I have chosen - Madeline Tosh, Tosh Merino Light in Jasper and Sand Dune.


  1. Looks like you made a wonderful decision with your "bonus" money....I have not tried this but it looks like it would be very handy....

    Your "color affection" shawl is beautiful....I have had the pattern for a while but just have not gotten to it yet...I hope so soon. Several friends have knitted one and they are beautiful.....


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