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Two Wonderful New Books Plus New Favorite Tool

Paperback:  96 pages Publisher :  Search Press (May 1, 2013) ISBN-13:  978-1844487691 Considering my emerging love of things wool applique, this book was especially appreciated. I noticed it on Amazon a nd just could not resist it.  There is an excellent section on the basics; selecting wool, needles, threads and some basic instructions on how to dye your wool, as well as an introduction to some most use embroidery stitches for wool applique. The patterns include hearts, birds, stars, pincushions, pillows, a 4-seasons wall hanging and much more. I can't find too much (like a website) for Madeline Millington, but what I can find indicates that she is a very well known and whose  use of bright bold colors is one of her hallmarks. It looks like she is building a website, but it does not seem to be working yet. One way or another I love this book, I love her style and I am happy to have added this fun book to my collection Paperback:  176 pages Publisher:  Lark

Dumpster Diving For Luscious Silks and Aurifil Wool Thread Delight

The more I use wool for applique the more interested I have become in using wool thread (actually all the brands that I have found are 50% wool and 50% acrylic). I love the look of using wool thread on wool. I started with this amazing kit of colors from  Aurifil . If you do a web search you will find links to buy it. It's beautiful quality and feels so smooth going through the needle and into the cloth! I plan to try some the Genziana brand (also made in Italy and also 50% wool and 50% acrylic) from  Sue Spargo's website  as soon as funds permit  !   I have been playing with lots of specialty threads that I've had in my stash.  Wonderfil  'Accent"  thread is luscious in wool applique applications. I seem to really like using 12  wt  threads and I have a wide selection of  Sulky 12wt thread  that has been working beautifully. The wool threads (both of those brands) are 12wt. One of my favorite shops on Vashon Island is called  Dova Silks . When we

A Class With Katie Pedersen, author of "Quilting Modern"

My block This past Saturday, 8 April, our guild offered a class with Katie Pedersen, and 13 of us had a fun day learning Katie's "insertion" techniques. Katie is one of the authors of one of my favorite "modern" quilting books. Aptly enough, her book is called " Quilting Modern ". I have had the book for some time, but now I have it autographed! Very nice! Katie's book This block, in soothing grays,   was made by a lovely woman whose name I don't know! My focus, most unfortunately, was not on taking photos during this class. I had forgotten to pack my camera and these less than perfect images were taken with my older model IPhone's camera. Also, I did not walk about much so this is a VERY limited idea of what was happening in the class. My apologies to my friends who work is not on this page! Nurse extraordinaire  (recently retired), Nancy Best, was sailing through this class! I expect, she has a quilt finished by now!

Two Note Worthy New Books From Search Press

I believe that I have mentioned in the past that one of my favorite craft book publishers is Search Press. The books that they publish are always premium quality and I find that their new titles always manage to entice me. The following two have done just that! Thanks to the great people at Search Press I have been able to take a peek at two of their upcoming releases. Have a look. I bet you will want to add them to your pre-order list! Jenny Dean is one of my favorite authors who writes about all things natural dye. The first book of Jenny's that I fell in love with and use consistently is called "Wild Color" . I love this book. The photography is perfect, the directions are all wonderfully written for ease of comprehension - and they are easy to follow. Nature affords us so many beautiful options for colors of dye! This new little gem of a book, "A Heritage of Color"  covers the colors that are possible to obtain from 50 rather ordinary plants. Pla

Quilt Retreat 2014 at Camp Burton, Vashon Island, Washington

My friend Janet and I went to our annual quilt retreat at Camp Burton on Vashon Island this past weekend. We left home on Thursday and returned yesterday (Sunday). My photos are very limited this year, partially because it rained a lot (after the image above that is) and partially because traveling gets more and more difficult for me. The exhaustion of fibromyalgia and the pain of my back issues and body wide arthritis can really become a challenge quite quickly when I travel.  I should have gone back and taken photos of these wonderful quilts as they progressed. Also, I never did manage to take photos of Janet's wonderful work, nor of our room-mate , Sydney's, nor of my own for that matter! Apologies - especially to Janet who helps me so much! Below:  This quilt, whose maker's name escapes me at the moment (if anyone remembers please let me know), was started many years ago. She made remarkable progress as the days went by! Below: This God's Eye quilt was