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The End of Autumn Leaves

The silk scarf in it's full length..the image is a bit more than than in real life, and the pink is paler too, but the color variations are lovely. Paler on one end that was not not treated with a bit of iron spray first than the other end with is considerable darker with more vivid leaf prints I so enjoy eco-dying, but, at best, I am a dabbler. I have always been enamored with leaves in general, and they always keep me in anticipation every Fall. One tree in particular that stands by our library always wows me with it's vibrancy. Every year I promise myself that I will gather some leaves and play, (one year I gathered but never played before they overdone) and most years I hurry on and then forget. Yesterday I thought " this is it"! The time is now. After a delightful morning gathered with friends for a Sewcial I felt the need for a little more magic in my day...magic that the mysteries and "un-knowing" of eco-dying always provide It was drizzling as I stoo

Hand Work. The Pleasure and the Pain.

Looking at the image above can you tell me which stitching is hand done? My favorite kind of sewing is hand work. Hand appliqué, hand embroidery, hand quilting. The problem is that my hands are just not as strong as they used to be. Arthritis is taking a bit of a toll. Hand quilting through layers (the very definition of hand 'quilting'!) causes me the most pain. Several projects have languished because of the pain. Which brings me to my first playtime with the Babylock Sashiko 2. I began this small bag with plans to finish it in a weekend.....that was a long ago weekend! Since this was a rather "slap-stitch" kind of project I decided that it be perfect for my first use of the machine. I had dithered about the BL Sashiko since they first came out...thinking that was way too much money for a "one stitch wonder sewing machine". That was before my hands began to balk at hand quilting. It was fun experimenting with stitch length, spacing and various thread weigh

Pattern Perseverance & A New Machine

  The front This is my new "wearable muslin" (yes, I did make a r e a l muslin too) of the " Painted Portrait Dress ". It's a pattern by Anna Maria Horne r and it almost got to me! I am a fan of Anna Maria Horner fabrics for quilts although I have not used her patterns. The written directions for this pattern were frustrating in some ways. " Sew Hungry Hippi e" must have realized that a few videos would be helpful and she graciously shares them with the world on her blog....and in a Facebook group as well. Because age has made me busty I seem to always choose to me a size large...and almost always it is....well....way too large. My muslin was too large and so I cut the pattern down and went ahead o use some very thin Indian cotton gauze that I had gotten more than a year ago. Because the bodice yoke, back yoke and side panels are two layers I did not have enough of any one of these two fabrics, but was not yet willing to commit to "good" f

100 Acts of Sewing Dress No.3

100 Acts Of Sewing Dress No.3 Some of you may know that I am a big fan of simple clothing styles that are make great, flexible, bases, or blocks if you will, for the sort of fabrics that I like to sew and wear. It seems that some of my favorite, or TNT (tried'n'true), patterns come from Sonya Phillips of 100 Acts of Sewing. I just cannot stay away from her Dress No2 pattern. I make it over and over again with small variations. Image above: my favorite Dress No.2 from 100 Acts of Sewing on I decided to try her Dress No.3. Typically, I am not a fan of cut on sleeves like this but I was curious. I had some yardage, bought several years ago, of Heather Bailey Momentum rayon. longer available, alas. Rayon is one of my absolute fabrics to sew and wear. It is soft, comfortable, easy to sew and absorb any for summer wear. Above: Dress No.3 : image by 100 Acts of Sewing on As always I copied the very simple pattern onto Pellon Easy-Pattern. Sonya's pattern