The End of Autumn Leaves

The silk scarf in it's full length..the image is a bit more than than in real life, and the pink is paler too, but the color variations are lovely. Paler on one end that was not not treated with a bit of iron spray first than the other end with is considerable darker with more vivid leaf prints

I so enjoy eco-dying, but, at best, I am a dabbler. I have always been enamored with leaves in general, and they always keep me in anticipation every Fall. One tree in particular that stands by our library always wows me with it's vibrancy. Every year I promise myself that I will gather some leaves and play, (one year I gathered but never played before they overdone) and most years I hurry on and then forget. Yesterday I thought " this is it"! The time is now. After a delightful morning gathered with friends for a Sewcial I felt the need for a little more magic in my day...magic that the mysteries and "un-knowing" of eco-dying always provide

It was drizzling as I stooped to gather these amazing leaves; small and large, red, yellow and green. I decided to keep the dirt that was on the leaves intact, and did not wash them off before laying them of my silk scarf blanks and bundling them into a kettle to begin the magic.
Below: Speckles of iron rich dirt provides some nice texture on the paler end.

I boiled my silk scarf for a time and let is rest overnight. Then this morning I carefully unwrapped it and let it dry before a gentle wash revealed the magic. Some color magic!

Below: Mostly brown and grey on the darker end with some pink and hints of a darker, purple color...disregard the blues on the right...I corrected for the image and the right appears over-done!

Below: interesting textures, brown, grey and pink

Below...the pale end ivory, light brown and pink times with paler leaf imprints. I rather like having a scarf with one end lighter than the other

Now I need to see if the crisp weather that is forecast for this coming week will allow me enough time to gather more leaves. I finally kept my promise to myself and now I want to,play some more....and order some silk gauze and silk noil too!



  1. So beautiful! I am so glad you set aside some time for play and discovery. I've yet to dive into eco dyeing with any intent. I dabbled, but lousy results. This winter I plan to read both of India's books and take notes. I have the trees and plenty of leaves, lol!. Have a wonderful week experimenting. xo


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