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In Which I Plan To Sew Clothes

I learned to sew clothes at about 9 years old and I continued to make clothes into my late teens, but after the quilting bug bit my interest in making clothing fell by the wayside.
Currently I am nearly finished with another bed quilt and I am working on a hand applique quilt as well as not one,but two, English Paper Pieced projects. 
Hold onto your hats.....watching show, "The Great British Sewing Bee", on YouTube as I sew has rekindled my desire to stitch up some the very least. As I began to sort through patterns that I have on hand and consider a new one or two I started to think about patterns themselves.....oh! How I dislike tissue paper patterns! Usually, if it is a pattern that I think I will make more than once I transfer the tissue pattern onto Pellon Decor Bond. It makes them so much easier to manage! Even if I transfer patterns I still generally make at least one of whatever from a tissue pattern before I decide to commit to transferring it to the Decor Bo…

A Few Words About Foundations and Stabilizers

First of all, forgive me if this post ends up looking a blink wonky, but I am trying again to learn to use the Blogsy blogging platform from my IPad....which I use so much now, that I wanted to try blogging from it as well. If you have read my last post you may have noted that my current projects all benefit in part from some piecing with foundations and so I have been experimenting a bit with just a few of the available products. Below: these spider web blocks are all made using a muslin foundation. I followed the instructions that were included with Sarah Fielke's pattern "Maple Leaf Rag" from the book, "Material Obsession 2: More Modern Quilts With Traditional Roots" by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke's. In all honesty, I am not fond up using the muslin. No matter how "on grain" I cut it the muslin gets wonky as I sew and press (not iron). Joining all of the pieces is made both easier and more difficult with muslin. The foundation provides stabilit…

A Lot Of Catch Up. Photos, Quilting Etc.

A couple of my gentle friends have prodded me for not posting on my blog lately... well, for almost a month. It's not that I do not have anything to post, it's more a matter of I always wonder if people actually read blogs anymore. I do, but it seems that more people respond to my social media posts than to my blog posts and so I always wonder. After posting a question about blogging and social media on FaceBook it does seem that many folks read blogs and so I will try to be better in the future. I seem to use my IPad now so much more than the desktop IMac .. I wish that blogging from the IPad was easier. I have Blogsy and the newer Blogger App... I need more practice to use them efficiently.
I have made sewing my new 'day job' (though I wish it brought in a bit of money too!) 
Sewing catch ups first... this is a  l-o-n-g post and is heavily photo laden. You are forewarned! This is a recap of the things that I should have blogged about earlier and include some of my r…