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Just What I Need?! Not!

FaceBook is all a-twitter with a new sew-along. It's hosted by Gnome Angel, The Fat Quarter Shop (one of my personal favorite places), and Marti Michell templates .the nexus is the new book by Laurie Hird called " The Farmer's Wife 1930's" (nb: there was an earlier book called The Farmer's Wife from th esame author...which I also happen to own). This not a project I need of course, and I certainly had not planned to be involved in yet another project! Perhaps what called to me was an opportunity to use up some of my stash of 30's reproduction fabrics. The books comes with a CD that provides all of the necessary templates as well as all instructions and templates for paper piecing. Of course, as a confirmed acrylic template fan! I was happy to know that Marti Michell templates make the project even easier. They are, of course, an extra expense. Thus far I have just used the paper piecing templates and a combination of hand stitching (I found hand sewing

Long Sleeves Make A Comeback

I keep waiting for my shirt sewing fixation to abate, but rather than wane, my enthusiasm is continues to wax. Making shirts is so much fun...they are small enough that they are not huge projects and attending to details is fun rather than frustrating. This one, another pattern from Brensan Studios, is extremely versatile. I make mine without the optional princess seams. This shirt is made from quilting cotton designed by Alison Glass. The fabric will wrinkle, but it's eminently useable. I prefer rayon, but suitable prints (unless you love abstract florals) are hard to come by. I am quite happy with the results and it will, go with a lot of my t-shirts when I use it as an overshirt rather than wearing it on its own as I will in warmer weather.   I have found another reason to,love my Janome 8900...their fool proof buttonholer! I love it. Another sewing room fear myth has been busted!   Next up? More shirts and a pair of flannel PJ's to welcome the cool Fall nights with. The b

When Vintage Is Better Than New

Most people know that I am a 'gadget gal". I love tools that work! What I love even more is finding an old tool that works better than new ones! Voila! My favorite vintage sewing tool... The Florian Rotary Pinker. One thing that I have never been very happy with (in any of its various iterations) are pinking shears or rotary pinking blades. They just have never cut well and they have all laid, unused and unwanted, in my sewing table's drawers. The Florian Pinker changed all that! It is is a marvel of usefulness! I believe that that it could well be the forerunner of what we now call the rotary cutter. The Florian Rotary Pinker came out in 1936 then, In more recent years, they were not in business, but a company in Oregon is now making them available again. I got mine from EBay. It is vintage, looks like it was just about unused, and it works like a charm. If a Florian Pinker ever need sharpening, which my does not, this company will happily service a vintage pai