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Ramblings On The Vagaries of Time

Birthday lunch with, and thanks to, Lauren I have been sewing away; trying to finish some projects so that I can feel free to begin others. I have been experiencing a wee bit of ennui. The act of finishing my current projects is not as appealing as it should be. I think that I am looking too far into future projects and it is clouding my appreciation for my current endeavors. I should be enjoying the process of completion in the here and now. I am also working on a small donation quilt which I don't really have my heart into. Generally, when I feel this way, it is better to wait it out until I feel renewed joy for the process then to plug along...but it feels as if that wastes precious time. We had a Mercury Retrograde period that ended on June 11th so I just expected that I would magically feel more motivated. the 'mojo' is returning, but too. My birthday made me stop to consider how time is slipping through my fingers at an alarming rate. I feel as though I can b

Of Projects Great and Small

           I'm still trying to master posting from either the Blogsy app or the blogger app. (Notes after I created this post in the Blogger app: The app is fine for a quick post, but I have had to come back in and use desktop in order to get several things to appear the way that I prefer: justification of text and images, ability to add links (this is a big one for me), image size and also the quality of the same image is much better when added using the desktop rather the app. I have no clue why this is so....these images are the same as I added with the app and they were all clear when they were taken.) For this post I am using the Blogger app....I actually prefer Blogsy but they make it much easier to add images from social media rather than from your photo library and, today, I just don't have the patience! I thought that I was ready to put my Wagon Wheel blocks (from Sandy Klop at American Jane) together...but then DH saw it on the wall he said that he wou