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Hummingbird Haven

Although not the best images from a technical point of view I think they give can give you an idea of what sunset is like at our house. On this side of the house we have 4 quart sized feeders out. They are filled daily. At sunset we can hear these little creatures tanking up for the cool night - they create a steady, strong humming noise that is unmistakable.  As near as I can count there are at least 25 birds around each feeder as the sun sets - on some nights it seems like there are even more I am in awe of these hardy little creatures who make such long journeys and always see to come "home" in the Spring. This year we did have two over wintering pairs - so we kept "juice' up all winter - thawing it as needed on very cold days. They amaze me and I am always excited to see their them return around Saint Patty's Day each year - and leave in mid July. I wonder if the same two pairs will remain behind this year too?!

Lost Crates Encore! Treat Yourself To A Stylish Surprise!

"Crated" items: Bottom right to left : Skillet Bacon Spread, Alchemy Goods 'Night Out" wallet, Chef'n Pinch & Pour little bowls, and a wonderful bamboo dry-erase note board The wild and fun entrepreneurs at "LOST CRATES" sent me a surprise in the mail. My last review of this very cool company was in OCTOBER 2011 and they have grown their business by leaps and bounds since then. They now offer a multitude of new theme crates that include: Eco, Foodie, "Found In", Housewares, Stationary (of course!), Jack's Picks, Angie's Picks & Petite Stationary. Another new, upgraded feature is that, rather than having to sign up for a monthly surprise, you are able to choose to receive a 'quarterly' mailing. Just think of how much fun it would be to find an artfully decorated "crate' on your doorstep"- a surprise that will make you smile widely. In addition they now offer "a la carte" shopping - a r

Speak To Me Of Spring: Lily Of The Valley

I've enjoyed being a member of Kim Klassens   PhotoShop Test Kitchen for some time now. Kim offers a fresh take on textures, Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements and she always has lots of surprise video how-to's to offer. It's well worth the small amount you pay for the education and fun you receive! Today Kim offered a great little tutorial on how to add a color code to bottom of an image. It's a sampling of some of the colors that are contained in the main image and I really what adding this element can do for some images! Kim has a way of making things clear - she teaches using PhotoShop CS as well as Elements version. Thanks Kim !   Lilies Of The Valley have always been one of my favorite Spring flowers. Surely their scent is a foretaste of heaven! That's what I had to choose a photo of them to use for this experiment !

Chickens & Roosters & More Oh My!

The Head of the Harem! What a great week this has been! My friend/sister, Lauren, and I have wanted to have chickens for some years now. She and her husband, Carlo, made our wish come true this week! We has planned to get chicks and raise them but this little flock of Buff Orpington's had been in peril and so Lauren brought them to her house to rescue. Their former mistress has been unable to care for them any longer and god had climbed into the coop and attacked and killed two of them last week. They needed some upgraded nutrition and a more secure, calm environment. Leading the way for the girls Lauren & Carlo did all of the difficult work - and my job, it appeared, was just enjoy. I've spent some time in the pen with them just observing chicken social dynamics. It's already been quite enlightening! The rooster began to become a bit aggressive and we briefly considered giving him away. The consensus now is to give him some time to settle in and realize tha

Noro SIlk Garden Shawl

Front This is a new shawl and I enjoyed making it from start (about a month ago) to finish. It's another shawl that was made, essentially, from my left over bits and bobs of Noro Silk Garden yarn - one of my all time favorites. I had to supplement my left overs with several balls of a variety of blue and green mixes - not bad for a shawl that I've already fallen in love with.  I am, as many of you already know, a "warm" side of the color wheel kind of gal. Blues have never been as enticing for me. That was one of my challenges to myself in making this shawl - working with blues, purples and greens. I have to admit that I'm smitten and perhaps you will see more of these colors finding their way into my work Back The patter is from Cheryl Oberles's book "Folk Shawls" and is called "Simple Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl". I altered a bit along the top border to add a little more textural effect Detail 1 I had to finish this shawl

Photo Heart Connection Images for March

March's Photo Heart Connection has just been posted on Kat Sloma's website. I look forward to these heart connections links because I really do believe that each month there are photographs that I take that really speak to me. I was trying to decide between these two images. The bottom one taken on March 1st on San Juan Island, my home, and the top one taken on March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, on Vashon Island, during our annual retreat. I finally chose the top image because I find this particular tree to be so utterly mesmerizing each year that I get to see it during our retreat. It's such a perfect time of year too - although year there were very few weather breaks. This year we had a cold snap with thunder storms (rare on the West Coast), driving hail and pounding side ways rain storms. I was fortunate to have found a perfect sunny break to snap a few photos. This tree just always calls to me - that's why I've chosen it for my photo-heart-connecti