Chickens & Roosters & More Oh My!

The Head of the Harem!
What a great week this has been! My friend/sister, Lauren, and I have wanted to have chickens for some years now. She and her husband, Carlo, made our wish come true this week! We has planned to get chicks and raise them but this little flock of Buff Orpington's had been in peril and so Lauren brought them to her house to rescue. Their former mistress has been unable to care for them any longer and god had climbed into the coop and attacked and killed two of them last week. They needed some upgraded nutrition and a more secure, calm environment.
Leading the way for the girls
Lauren & Carlo did all of the difficult work - and my job, it appeared, was just enjoy. I've spent some time in the pen with them just observing chicken social dynamics. It's already been quite enlightening! The rooster began to become a bit aggressive and we briefly considered giving him away. The consensus now is to give him some time to settle in and realize that there is not the danger there used to be. Today (Sunday) he already seems a bit less alpha but he is, most assuredly, the king of his harem - and that's pretty funny to watch.  They've been laying - but not as much as they should be. Once again, we believe that they need some time to settle and relax. They're getting excellent nutrition and supplements now and I expect that they will be good, dependable, layers soon.
I know it's a little strange but seriously, could a chicken butt be any cuter???!!!
The first home grown egg - what a thrill. Warm to touch and as clean as could be!

I had stopped over after work but had brought along my muck boots - with chickens on them of course! Quite a classy combination don't you think ?!
Flowering Cherry Tree
 Thursday we took a bit of walk - or maybe this was from Friday - but anyway the weather was glorious and being outdoors with my special friend was really energizing for me. These are a few of the things we saw along the way.
 A neighbor's whimsical yard provided this image as an inspiration. I love this flower 'pot' chair!
 An old growth tree mesmerized me with it's majesty. 
This week, with sunshine, chickens & friendship I began to feel the warmth of Spring and the many blessings of nature. It was a phenomenal week to be alive; enjoying theses simple, but oh so wonderful things.
This vintage dart board just called out to me. There are so many possibilities for this image! Yes, I was quite inspired by it ! 
What's inspired you this week?


  1. Oh my goodness! Congrats on your lovely birds. I adored our chickens when we had them for quite a few years. Fresh eggs are quite unbeatable (no pun intended). We found we didn't need the rooster and his crowing and aggression soon proved to much for our little backyard brood. Good luck with them all. They are quite lovely. My step mom who keeps many chickens says she has always loved how their tails look like praying hands.

  2. Wonderful. We have 5 Buff hens in our mixed flock, and they are really special-so pretty and good layers. We also have netting over the top of the chicken yard as protection against predators.


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