Noro SIlk Garden Shawl

This is a new shawl and I enjoyed making it from start (about a month ago) to finish. It's another shawl that was made, essentially, from my left over bits and bobs of Noro Silk Garden yarn - one of my all time favorites. I had to supplement my left overs with several balls of a variety of blue and green mixes - not bad for a shawl that I've already fallen in love with.  I am, as many of you already know, a "warm" side of the color wheel kind of gal. Blues have never been as enticing for me. That was one of my challenges to myself in making this shawl - working with blues, purples and greens. I have to admit that I'm smitten and perhaps you will see more of these colors finding their way into my work
The patter is from Cheryl Oberles's book "Folk Shawls" and is called "Simple Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl". I altered a bit along the top border to add a little more textural effect
Detail 1
I had to finish this shawl before I allowed myself  begin working on Cheryl Oberle's Fundamentlly Faroese Shawl #1. I'm making it with Malabrigo Arroya yarn in their Arco Iris colorway. Began it last evening after I washed and blocked this one! 

My husband asked why I'm making so many shawls? What can I say? I love them - and find that they are the perfect garment for our temperate climate.
Detail 2 - showing my new Jul shawl pin that got (on sale even!) in honor of finishing the shawl!


  1. Wow, your shawl is gorgeous. Those blues, greens, and purples do seem to be warm shades of those colors. That yarn looks deliciously soft and touchable!

  2. This is beautiful! Yeah! for all things fiber. I especially love the detail of your shawl pin. I think I will take a detour from fabric and make something like this. Thanks for sharing your art.

  3. I love the shawl pin...I just recenly discovered these when I fell in love with weaving all over again.

  4. Ce châle est merveilleux !!!
    J’adore tous les tons de bleu.
    Doit être exquis et délicieux
    De se glisser en son moelleux.
    C’est absolument fabuleux
    Quel régal pour les yeux !!!
    Bonjour amical de France.
    Merci de partager ainsi.
    1000000000 Bravo. Jeany.

  5. So beautiful! Could you please email me the pattern? I am in love with shawls and cowls also! Thanks much


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