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The End of Autumn Leaves

The silk scarf in it's full length..the image is a bit more than than in real life, and the pink is paler too, but the color variations are lovely. Paler on one end that was not not treated with a bit of iron spray first than the other end with is considerable darker with more vivid leaf prints I so enjoy eco-dying, but, at best, I am a dabbler. I have always been enamored with leaves in general, and they always keep me in anticipation every Fall. One tree in particular that stands by our library always wows me with it's vibrancy. Every year I promise myself that I will gather some leaves and play, (one year I gathered but never played before they overdone) and most years I hurry on and then forget. Yesterday I thought " this is it"! The time is now. After a delightful morning gathered with friends for a Sewcial I felt the need for a little more magic in my day...magic that the mysteries and "un-knowing" of eco-dying always provide It was drizzling as I stoo