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Recent Finishes

Just a quick update since it has been awhile....   These are just what they look like; a not very remarkable pair of flannel pajamas made from Kwik Sew's pattern 3553 . In shopping for flannel fabrics I have found that the price per yard, as for all fabrics, keeps going up. I had often wondered if I could get a pair of pajamas from a sheet since I often see sheets in patterns that I like on sale for reasonable prices. My wondering had never gone very far until the bottom queen sized fitted from a set developed a very large, un-repairable, hole. The top sheet was fine and can easily be paired with a solid color fitted sheet, but the the bottom sheet was headed for the rag pile until I wondered again....would a set of pj's be possible to make from a queen sized fitted sheet that had a very large hole?   I didn't have anything to lose and so I tried. Cutting pattern pieces out to avoid the ripped area was challenging; I barely made it work. Since I made a mistake cutting the