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Wiksten Haori Jacket

I have had this pattern for some time and I am probably the last person standing to finally get around to making it! These are the fabrics that I chose to use. The left is a glorious, textural, Japanese, azumino momen fabric that I purchased from  Fabric&Art  on Etsy. The owner, Michelle, offers a varied selection of beautiful fabric finds from around the world. Thisfabric was just perfect for this jacket! The folks at  Shibori Dragon , who offer fat quarters of azumino momen in many colors, explain just what this luscious fabric is: ”... Azumino-momen fabrics are piece-dyed in the Azumino district of Japan ( momen  means cotton) hence the name Azumino-momen.  Before the pieces are dyed, the fabrics go through a process which creates a natural textured finish that gives the fabric a distinctive feel even after washing.  This fabric is a little heavier that regular quilting cottons...” The fabric on the right was purchased 2-3 years ago from Anne Dawson at  The Quil

New Marcia Derse Palette and An Excellent Book On Natural Dyes

Today’s mail brought my latest installment of Marcia Derse’s Palette. I love her solids....they are a bit dappled which makes them even better imho. I get a mailing quarterly...though I am not able to locate a link for you about it on her website. To see the full palette of her colors go  here . She also included a small preview of here new black and white line, Opposites, which will be available in June or July. I want to make a dress of these two fabrics already? These fabrics are soft and perfect for clothes as well as quilts...or home dec name it! It was a good mail day! I am a person who always wants to know the “how” and “why” of things. One of the first books that my father ever got for me was called “How Things Work”. It always helps me to know the reasons that some things work and others don’t. So....I want to mention a wonderful book that I have had since March, but recently decided that it might also be of interest here.  This book by dynamic dyeing team Joy Boutro