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Mood Winter

although it's always about this time of of year that I swear my feet are sprouting webs there is beauty and color in the bare limbs of trees, winter clouds that hang heavy in the valleys and bushes that display a warm,rich palette of russets, golds, greys and browns.

New ATC's : Red

This month, over on Arts In The Cards we're using the color red as a theme. In fact the whole year will be filled with observations on colors. I plan to have a very good time !  This month's red theme got off to a good start using the wonderfulness of Tagxedo to create a word cloud about all things red. I printed the cloud onto silk gampi tissue and glued it to the card stock using my favorite Perfect Paper Adhesive (matte) and then added some small strips of red and black decorative papers. The symbol on the upper right is that of mudlahara - the base or root chakra which is associated with the color red. I cut it from card stock, added red lines and then topped the lines with Sakura 3D crystal lacquer & added bright yellow glitter glue to the center triangle. The Japanese Kanji characters-read top to bottom- are those for red, love & dragon. We are now in the Chinese year of the Dragon and dragons are often associated with the color red too.

Beaded Felt Bag ReDux

One side of the finished bag. Oddly enough choosing a zipper for this bag was one of the most difficult things - nothing looked a hundred percent 'right'. When in doubt - choose lime! It seems that a lot of people I know are are using the gloom of winter days to finish projects. I've been rethinking my felted bags lately - considering how to simplify my process so that I can try to sell them. At present just the handle takes me 2-3 hours and no one will pay for that I know! I had not planned to hop on the 'finish wagon' until I walked by this heavily beaded quilted felt wall hanging that I had made a couple of years ago. Honestly, it did nothing for me as it hung on the wall. It was too small, at  9" X 12", to make any impact . I had just thought about how much I enjoy using the knitting bag I made and, as I walked past this, I thought about what a great knitting notions bag it would make. I took it down from the wall, washed it in the machine a

PostMark'd Art Roping Cowgirl Valentine

Roses on My Table has a Valentine's theme for the PostMark'd Art swap this month. I decided to do a larger version of my Cowboy's Sweetheart ATC the swap. Unfortunately the textured metal hearts do not look as good in the image as they do in the hand. The edge is jute twine that I thought would tie in with the Cowgirl roper theme. I'm not sure why I enjoy swapping these small pieces of art so much but I do. The gals from Arts In The Cards and I have started a new venture - a journal quilt sized textile art theme that we have called " Arts In The Cards : ReVisioned ". We'll have bi-monthly challenges and I'm just waiting for us to choose the theme to get going. I found I really needed a more textile oriented challenge - and I am hoping this will fill the bill. I designed the blog yesterday - but may have to tone it down in the future ! What are your plans for Heart (Valentine's) Day? WE'll be home being simple, snug and warm!

ATC's for January Groups

Happy 2nd Anniversary to us at Arts In The Cards! The front is made from a card with a gampi overlay of 2's in circles. The hands are painted with some iridescent medium which made getting a decent photograph a real challenge for me. The hands have red fingernails that are covered with a high gloss finish. The back of the card is also a Gampi tissue overlay from a self portrait I've been staying at least the tiniest bit creative during the work - although work seems to make a real slug out of me and my energy level is nil in the evenings. The two ATC trade groups that I do try to stay current with are Arts In The Cards and Roses on my Table . Arts In The Cards is celebrating our 2nd anniversary this month. The cards above are in honor of that achievement. Below are the set I made for the Roses swap. The theme was "Cowboy's Sweetheart" which is about as far away from something that is comfortable for me as the man in the moon. I did have

30 Things To Stop Doing

I found this article on Alice Regan's Blog . She got it from Marc and Angels website. Somehow it all rang true to me - some of the things are so obvious- obvious of course with the benefit of hindsight at my now less- than-spring-chicken age. I wish I had grasped some of these admonitions earlier in life - but hey - I get it now! I hope some you will find it an interesting article as well.  Happy New Year! Happy New Avenues For Growth! Happy New Opportunities To be Creative ! On my way to work one morning a couple of weeks ago. What a beautiful world! As Maria Robinson once said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  Nothing could be closer to the truth.  But before you can begin this process of transformation you have to stop doing the things that have been holding you back. Here are some ideas to get you started: Stop spending time with the wrong people. – Life is too short to spend time wit

When You Just Need A Little Space

I've kept a journal for nearly 30 years. During most of that time my journaling was written, perhaps with some ticket stubs or other small memorabilia glued in. Thankfully, some years ago I discovered the wonders of art, or visual, journaling and ever since then my journals have had more allure than ever for me. It's something I look forward to doing. Let's face it though - there are many days when there is nothing much of note to write about. Some days I simply note the temperature (to prove how moderate a climate I live in - albeit with a lot of winter clouds) . As I paged through the November-December issue of Somerset Studio I stumbled across an article by Kate Crane in which she detailed how to compose a monthly calendar with just enough space to add some basic observations and doodles. I was feeling impatient and, perhaps more to the point, very tired when I made this page - so, as you can see, my spacing is off, texture is lacking and and planning and