ATC's for January Groups

Happy 2nd Anniversary to us at Arts In The Cards! The front is made from a card with a gampi overlay of 2's in circles. The hands are painted with some iridescent medium which made getting a decent photograph a real challenge for me. The hands have red fingernails that are covered with a high gloss finish. The back of the card is also a Gampi tissue overlay from a self portrait

I've been staying at least the tiniest bit creative during the work - although work seems to make a real slug out of me and my energy level is nil in the evenings. The two ATC trade groups that I do try to stay current with are Arts In The Cards and Roses on my Table.

Arts In The Cards is celebrating our 2nd anniversary this month. The cards above are in honor of that achievement.

Below are the set I made for the Roses swap. The theme was "Cowboy's Sweetheart" which is about as far away from something that is comfortable for me as the man in the moon. I did have fun these though and I am so glad to return to the Roses fold after a brief hiatus at the end of last year.
More soon! Happy MLK long weekend to all !


  1. Love your ATCs Marie! Happy New Year! Hope you're doing well and feeling much better in this new year. And I love your new header and name for your blog. Great job!


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