New ATC's : Red

This month, over on Arts In The Cards we're using the color red as a theme. In fact the whole year will be filled with observations on colors. I plan to have a very good time ! 

This month's red theme got off to a good start using the wonderfulness of Tagxedo to create a word cloud about all things red. I printed the cloud onto silk gampi tissue and glued it to the card stock using my favorite Perfect Paper Adhesive (matte) and then added some small strips of red and black decorative papers.

The symbol on the upper right is that of mudlahara - the base or root chakra which is associated with the color red. I cut it from card stock, added red lines and then topped the lines with Sakura 3D crystal lacquer & added bright yellow glitter glue to the center triangle. The Japanese Kanji characters-read top to bottom- are those for red, love & dragon. We are now in the Chinese year of the Dragon and dragons are often associated with the color red too. The characters were printed on card stock, colorized for a more vintage feel and then added to the page using 3D adhesive dots (as was the mudlahara sybol. I like the slightly raised effect. Finally, I edged the cards with red & white striped twine.
Here you can see the reverse side of the card. I used another, much smaller word cloud also printed on Gampi with decorative tape around the edges. I decided that I needed to add a translation of the Kanji characters too.

I have some more post card sized cards to finish. This is a shortie week end for me. I'm working on Monday this week which I normally don't do...the up side to that is that I will have next Friday off. Hooray!

Happy Sunday to all and to all a good night.


  1. Marie, your ATC's are beautiful! I love the word cloud you created and the symbolism is wonderful. Wishing you a beautiful day.

  2. Marie-your cards are gorgeous and I love the explanation of the symbols and the theme!


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