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Catching Up In Bits and Pieces

I am astounded to see that my last post was written on January 31st. I feel like I am in a space and time continuum. It's as though I am standing still and time moves all around me and yet I remain fixed. Very strange. Very frightening at times! I also seem to be pulling away from social media a bit. The more I see the less I think that I have to contribute. Anyway. I am keeping up - or ahead- of myself and these small circular wool embroideries. March is actually almost done. I taught myself how to add shisha mirrors, but I found that it was difficult to find real shisha mirrors! These days thin sheets of mylar cut into circles and squares and triangles are labeled 'shisha' but they really don't cut it. Thankfully, I found the 'real deal' at a belly dancing supply store! Phew! I had been on the hunt for this book by Willyne Hammerstein. It is a bi-lingual book published in France by Quilt Mania and was very difficult to locate here in the States. Th