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India Flint and September Gone

Before my FM/CFS and pesky chronic back pain issues(from the surgeries), colored my life, I never was much for schedules or routines. My energy flowed as I willed it to - more or less. Now I have to be so much more careful. Routines bring comfort and I carefully doll out my energy in spoon-fulls rather than event-fulls. Going away to do something fun brings with it the knowledge that I will "pay for the fun" by requiring most of a week to recover. My need for sleep and rest skyrockets. While my issues are nothing compared to what many others face, the fact that each day can bring an energy deficit with elevated pain does wear on me. I try not to bring these issue to this site...but once it awhile the truth behind my lack of diligence here might require a mention.
But now - back to the fun in life.........................
I have been a fan of India Flint for many years, but her classes are generally too far away and too expensive for my personal exchequer to consider. When t…