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Blue Fields

I was tired after work yesterday - as usual - but I wanted to feel some paint flowing over brush before I turned in for the evening. In 1995 I took an aerial photograph of fields in Louisville, Kentucky and this was the inspiration for this little watercolor. Just being able to produce a small bit of art made my day complete. Some 'Perfect Pearls' enhanced the 'fingernails' and small dots of Ranger "Stickles" added a bit 'o' bling to a few selected areas.

'Flow' Is On

"Lime" ATC for Arts In The Cards swap I think I'm in the flow and it is a wonderful, energizing, place to be. I haven't been there for awhile but I sure am enjoying it and hope it will last awhile. Some of you may know that I am a member of a gifted group of artistic women who swap ATCs based on a theme each month. Arts In The Cards has been a real inspiration for me for the past couple of years and I continue to learn a lot from these amazing women I've been on a roll with watercolors lately. The properties of watercolors enchant me and I am having a great time playing with their capabilities (and my own!) - seeing what they can do on a variety of substrates. 9" X 11" "Journal Quilt Sized" - watercolors and inks on tussah silk. Our ATC group recently started an adjunct journey called Arts In The Cards Revisioned .  This is to encourage us to use the textiles we love - since we are all quilters in the bone I think!  We have ver

Wordless Wednesday

The sky and clouds have been amazing lately.... makes going to and coming from.... work so very worthwhile!

A Good Reason To NOT Throw A Magazine Away Too Quickly!

I often toss magazines quickly - especially if I have not, at first glance, seen anything that tickles my fancy. This cover is from the Holiday 2011 issue of Knit Simple Magazine . In my initial "flip through" nothing caught my eye but, rather than toss it away as I generally do, I stuck in a magazine pile. Last weekend as I sorted the magazines to either keep or 'round file'  I noticed Vicki Howell's cowl on the cover. Not quite my color or style but it intrigued me. I had some beautiful Madeline Tosh Merino in colorway Byzantine (worsted weight) in my stash - enough to try this pattern withing spending any additional money right away. This pattern is knit carrying two strands on the needles throughout the pattern. Using size 11 needles felt ungainly to my hands since I've been using lace weight yarns recently. I love cables and, although this is a simple cable, it really is an effective design element. The pattern knit up quickly, looks great and su

Wordless Wednesday :Turn Towards Grey


I just spent my days off playing catch up with projects that I have committed to. I enjoyed the time but the more commitments I have, the less time I have to spend on my own work - which is what I really feel I need to do. One of the projects I worked on is a book swap. Each person chose a theme and prepared a book. Mine is the smallest - a Moleskine small watercolor book. My theme is 'typography'. I am amazed at what true works of art some of these books are. Amazing work - as I had never seen such books before - nor worked in any I should add. It's more than journaling - it's a themed topic in fantastical books. The flow of the exchange got jammed up, I guess, over the holidays. I have ended up with two books to work in all at once - plus the other swaps I normally do every month. I was feeling stressed over the things that should be relaxing for me - and I began to resent the stress ...  I hope that did not come out in the work I added to these books. I got

Kat Sloma's Photo Heart Connection January 2012

Roche Harbor Road, San Juan Island, Washington Kat Sloma , artist and photographer had an idea in January - and it's a very good one! The idea: At the end of each month, review the images you worked with in that month for the one that gives you the strongest connection to your heart and soul. Write about that connection to the image in a blog post or in a photo description on Flickr, then link into the monthly link up. You can get to know the other photographers seeking the same connection, by visiting the links and reading their experiences. We will find our kindred spirits. This is one of my favorite images from January. It was taken during one of our increasingly scarce snow falls - I had been scheduled for some days off during the storm and this was the first day I had to get back to work. I love the semi-artistic quality that I infused into the image - it reminds me of the stark, cold beauty of snow falls and how the sky seems large and seriously grey while t

Morning Glory

As I was driving to work this morning I was struck by how beautifully the sun was reflecting on the low lying fog that was clinging to the valley floors. It was, truly, morning glory & the scene was a wonderful way to begin my day!