I just spent my days off playing catch up with projects that I have committed to. I enjoyed the time but the more commitments I have, the less time I have to spend on my own work - which is what I really feel I need to do.

One of the projects I worked on is a book swap. Each person chose a theme and prepared a book. Mine is the smallest - a Moleskine small watercolor book. My theme is 'typography'. I am amazed at what true works of art some of these books are. Amazing work - as I had never seen such books before - nor worked in any I should add. It's more than journaling - it's a themed topic in fantastical books. The flow of the exchange got jammed up, I guess, over the holidays. I have ended up with two books to work in all at once - plus the other swaps I normally do every month. I was feeling stressed over the things that should be relaxing for me - and I began to resent the stress ...  I hope that did not come out in the work I added to these books. I got things done this weekend though and feel an inner sigh of relief - I have one book to work in next weekend and the shipping flow should be easier.

Do you ever have a little tingle that crawls up your spine to your brain - signaling some sort of sea change is about to happen? That's the way I've been feeling lately. I'm not sure what it is or what it will mean but something is at work in my psyche.....and I feel like I have to allow it to happen. I think it has something to do with focus. I feel like a cat that is shedding it's un-needed winter coat - as though something is falling away and another thing is about to 'move in'. Odd I know - but there it is.

I find that I am spending more time with imagery - and am not sure where 'home' is for these wanderings of my eye. A new blog devoted to images? I feel like I am boring those of you who stop here for mixed media and textile art. My senses are also closing the circle again and bringing me back to textile art and also to the magic of watercolors. Knitting will remain my evening focus - but I feel like my obsessions are re-arranging themselves.... my need to focus on fewer things is strong. I wonder where it will take me - if any thing does change!

And - on a bit of a rant....... I am getting so tired of places and people who offer something as a give-away, prize or service but make it conditional on doing a series of things. Like - first leave a comment here and then 'like' my FaceBook page and then to do this or that.  I totally get the idea - it's most likely in marketing 101 (I never said I was a good self promoter!). Of course I can choose to not take part - which is what I do - but these little 'have tos' all add up to additional stress and I wonder why we allow that to happen. Isn't it good enough that we like someone's work enough to read their blog or FB page? Why all of the going hither and tither to add to the 'stats'? Okay that's my rant and I'm sticking to it !

That's about it from this end of the wonderful, wacky world - more soon. I need to decide where my imagery will be 'housed'!  Have a great week everyone. We have a cold sunny day here - and for me it's household chores day - so I better get cracking and stop procrastinating!


  1. Marie, I agree with your "rant." It's fine to ask for comments (after all, they have to have something to select a winner from) but all that other stuff is just annoying. I work hard to keep myself OFF junk mail lists. Why would I want to be bombarded with more via email, facebook, twitter, etc.?
    That will be fun to see where your "tinglings" will take you. I suspect the people who enjoy your mixed media work would also enjoy seeing your creativity expressed in other ways, such as photography and watercolor. I know I would.

  2. no not boring! I for one savor textile and mixed media art!

  3. Your post sure hits "home" for me. I've been feeling the same way. I guess it's partly a "cleansing" too - body, mind, and soul. In addition to a big cleansing of "stuff" from my house.

    I have always loved every thing you do and enjoy seeing it all. You are the inspiration for purchasing the camera I chose and I watch you all the time for more inspiration. What's fun is that I never know what it will be. That's exciting to me! Please don't ever change.


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