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Beating The Heat With A Gift of Fabric !

By the time I finished sewing, the light was quickly fading. I had bright sunlight in one direction and shadows in the other. The colors are a bit richer in "real light". One of my friends, Gail, has a son, Stephen, who lives a creative life in Thailand. He sells a selection of yoga-type pants and leather goods through ETSY. A year or so ago I asked Gail if her son would ever consider selling some fabric. I like wearing simple long tunics and my favorite fabrics tend to be cottons and rayons. Two weeks ago at our weekly quilting get together another friend, Barb, said that she had a surprise for me. Low and behold my casual comment resulted in my receiving a package of three lovely fabrics...2 yards each. I had wanted to make two new patterns, but they required more cloth than I had available - so I chose to make a somewhat adjusted version of my very favorite, TNT (tried'n'true) simple pattern ( Dress No.2 from 100 Acts of Sewing ). Fabric limitations required tha

In Praise Of Pointy Tools

  A friend asked me about stuffing tools for raised appliqué the other day. My immediate reaction was to mention "That Purple Thang" that I imagine most of us have bought at one time or another. As I was turning the tiny points on his little small scissor holder today I realized that I had not thought to mention my all-time favorite tools to her. Big, Eliza, if you are reading are my favorite pointy tools. One has been used for many purposes since time immortal I imagine and one is relatively new to the market and I really like it very much. On the right is an almost 8 inch porcupine quill. They won over my heart when I discovered them. They are natural, sturdy and offer two points on each quill. One very,very pointy and sharp and one that is more rounded. They are available in many different lengths and can be thick or thin. I prefer thick quills between 7-9 inches and I buy mine from an ETSY vendor. In the left is a new favorite that was original