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Trying Out "Paper Blooms" by Jeffery Rudell

Paperback:  132 pages Publisher:  Lark Crafts (April 2, 2013) ISBN-13 :  978-1454703501 I was, most thankfully, provided with a copy of "Paper Blooms" by Jeffrey Ruddell and Lark Crafts to read and review. My review is long overdue, but I really had wanted to take some time to play before I reviewed the book. I also happen to be on a design team for Niji/Yasutomo , and I decided t pair up my paper bloom explorations using some of their "Fold'Ems Origami papers.  I have never done origami, but this paring of blooms and paper seemed like a good match to me! I thought that having some color around the house might make the approaching time change (remember it's on November 3rd!) easier for me. I always hate the change in time because it always manages to throw me off for a bit. I really enjoyed this book a lot, and I have enjoyed going through the pages, reading the directions, and then altering them a bit to suit my own needs. The author makes be

Stars In A Midnight Sky Shawl

The yarn that I used for this shawl is called Midnight, and it is hand dyed on an UltraLuxe(15% cashmere) base by Dani at Sunshine Yarns .  I have become a devoted fan of Sunshine yarns since I discovered them. Dani, who was affected by the floods near Boulder, Colorado, has a color sense that suits my tastes perfectly, and her base yarns are divine. Her yarns have become my favorite yarns of all time, and I am carefully gathering a stash of them. This is what Dani says of this UltraLuxe yarn base: "A delicious single-ply blend that you are sure to fall in love with! With 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere and 10% silk, you will get incredible durability, softness and sheen. Needle size 2-4 US or 2.5 to 3.5 mm, and 6-7.5 stitches per 1 inch. Each skein is approximately 420 yards/100 grams. Handwash delicate and dry flat." It was difficult for me to get a good image of this yarn because it is so dark and rich. A true, deep midnight blue with hints of lighter color t

Samhain or Day of The Dead ATC's

The theme for the trading at heARTist Trading Cards this month is "Day Of The Dead". I  lean more towards the celebration of Samhain. These are the cards that I will be sending. I have recently discovered a 'new-to-me' pleasure of using masonite elements from Retro Cafe Art . I've made small purchases from Retro Cafe Art in the past, but always questioned whether or not their masonite shrines and elements would really work for me. Well, I have answered that question with a resounding "Yes! They more than interest me. I think I have found a new addiction. Oh no! The surface of the masonite is a real pleasure to work on. It's smooth and accepts all manner of paints and potions. I love the smell of these things too - I know that sounds strange, but it is sort like how I enjoy sniffing the inks in books I guess. The most important thing to me is that I really like the 3D and layered effects that can be achieved by using these cool masonite pieces. I h

My Search For The Best Mechanical Pencil

Many of you know that I like tools, and I believe that you need to have the right tool for the job at hand. For me, this even carries over to mechanical pencils. I was looking for some specific qualities in a mechanical pencil; 0.5 size, darker and softer than normal lead.  I wrote to one of my two favorite companies,  JetPens , for their recommendations. In a very surprising move they wrote back and said that they would send me what they thought would be a good match if I would do a review for them. Review?! Heck yes, I can do that! They sent me a Pilot "Play Border" Dr. Grip Shaker pencil . I was very surprised that from looking at my blog, Elaine, was able to even choose the color I would most likely enjoy! I was also provided with some Pentel silica enhanced 0.5 4B leads to go along with the pencil. There are a few of the of the unique items about this pen,  aside from the "shake-to-advance" lead option which is pretty darn cool. The Dr. Grip