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Trying Out "Paper Blooms" by Jeffery Rudell

Paperback: 132 pagesPublisher: Lark Crafts (April 2, 2013)ISBN-13: 978-1454703501
I was, most thankfully, provided with a copy of "Paper Blooms" by Jeffrey Ruddell and Lark Crafts to read and review. My review is long overdue, but I really had wanted to take some time to play before I reviewed the book. I also happen to be on a design team for Niji/Yasutomo, and I decided t pair up my paper bloom explorations using some of their "Fold'Ems Origami papers.  I have never done origami, but this paring of blooms and paper seemed like a good match to me! I thought that having some color around the house might make the approaching time change (remember it's on November 3rd!) easier for me. I always hate the change in time because it always manages to throw me off for a bit. I really enjoyed this book a lot, and I have enjoyed going through the pages, reading the directions, and then altering them a bit to suit my own needs. The author makes beautiful use of paint ships…

Stars In A Midnight Sky Shawl

The yarn that I used for this shawl is called Midnight, and it is hand dyed on an UltraLuxe(15% cashmere) base by Dani at Sunshine Yarns.  I have become a devoted fan of Sunshine yarns since I discovered them. Dani, who was affected by the floods near Boulder, Colorado, has a color sense that suits my tastes perfectly, and her base yarns are divine. Her yarns have become my favorite yarns of all time, and I am carefully gathering a stash of them. This is what Dani says of this UltraLuxe yarn base:
"A delicious single-ply blend that you are sure to fall in love with! With 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere and 10% silk, you will get incredible durability, softness and sheen. Needle size 2-4 US or 2.5 to 3.5 mm, and 6-7.5 stitches per 1 inch. Each skein is approximately 420 yards/100 grams. Handwash delicate and dry flat."
It was difficult for me to get a good image of this yarn because it is so dark and rich. A true, deep midnight blue with hints of lighter color that reminds …

Samhain or Day of The Dead ATC's

The theme for the trading at heARTist Trading Cards this month is "Day Of The Dead". I  lean more towards the celebration of Samhain. These are the cards that I will be sending. I have recently discovered a 'new-to-me' pleasure of using masonite elements from Retro Cafe Art. I've made small purchases from Retro Cafe Art in the past, but always questioned whether or not their masonite shrines and elements would really work for me. Well, I have answered that question with a resounding "Yes! They more than interest me. I think I have found a new addiction. Oh no!
The surface of the masonite is a real pleasure to work on. It's smooth and accepts all manner of paints and potions. I love the smell of these things too - I know that sounds strange, but it is sort like how I enjoy sniffing the inks in books I guess. The most important thing to me is that I really like the 3D and layered effects that can be achieved by using these cool masonite pieces. I have a l…

My Search For The Best Mechanical Pencil

Many of you know that I like tools, and I believe that you need to have the right tool for the job at hand. For me, this even carries over to mechanical pencils.
I was looking for some specific qualities in a mechanical pencil; 0.5 size, darker and softer than normal lead.  I wrote to one of my two favorite companies, JetPens, for their recommendations. In a very surprising move they wrote back and said that they would send me what they thought would be a good match if I would do a review for them. Review?! Heck yes, I can do that!
They sent me a Pilot "Play Border" Dr. Grip Shaker pencil. I was very surprised that from looking at my blog, Elaine, was able to even choose the color I would most likely enjoy! I was also provided with some Pentel silica enhanced 0.5 4B leads to go along with the pencil.

Below: This is the little gizmo that I use to hold my pencil and highlighter. The Dr. Grip pencil is about the same size as a 'normal' highlighter, but it manages to st…