Samhain or Day of The Dead ATC's

The theme for the trading at heARTist Trading Cards this month is "Day Of The Dead". I  lean more towards the celebration of Samhain. These are the cards that I will be sending. I have recently discovered a 'new-to-me' pleasure of using masonite elements from Retro Cafe Art. I've made small purchases from Retro Cafe Art in the past, but always questioned whether or not their masonite shrines and elements would really work for me. Well, I have answered that question with a resounding "Yes! They more than interest me. I think I have found a new addiction. Oh no!

The surface of the masonite is a real pleasure to work on. It's smooth and accepts all manner of paints and potions. I love the smell of these things too - I know that sounds strange, but it is sort like how I enjoy sniffing the inks in books I guess. The most important thing to me is that I really like the 3D and layered effects that can be achieved by using these cool masonite pieces. I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head now - some will, hopefully, become holiday gifts, but in the meantime, as experimentation continues, I hope that my friends will enjoy these seasonal ATC's.

I added a quote to the back of the card. It is from the novel "Once A Witch", by Carolyn McCullough, and it reads:

when the barrier between the worlds
 is whisper-thin and the magic, old magic, 
sings it's heady and sweet sound
to anyone who cares to hear it..."


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