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How Friendship Can Make You Tearful

Today was a mail day that made me a wee bit weepy. I am, on occasion, astounded and humbled by the generosity and thoughtfulness of some of my cyber friends. I have several special cyber friends. I have said it before and I will say it again, my friends are the ones who teach me about generosity of spirit and thoughtfulness. As a non-spoiled, but only child, I sometimes think that I passed too lightly through God's 'share' line. It's not that I don't want to, or that I never think to share, it's just that I need to remember how meaningful it is at times. This amazing magical box arrived today from Jeannie. Jeannie has been a cyber pal for a long time now. We live in the state, and we also live on the same side of this "mountain divided" state.  Jeannie had read that I was becoming more interested in 'primitive' wool applique, but that wool was scarce. Voila! Jeannie sent this box full of surprises in so many wonderful colors. She even in

Boston Commons Done , Wool Applique, Aurifil Lana Thread and Polish de Jour, Humming Haven

This has been a good week! On Saturday night at about 9pm local time I finally finished my Boston Commons Quit Top. This image is truly poor, but my camera was not liking the dark room. It's 90" X 83". The backing will be turquoise fleece. I offered DH  a choice of a lovely cotton print, wide back, or fleece. He says he will always prefer fleece to any other option. Okay then!  I had been SO eager to get this project done. Because there was s little space to lay it out or hang it I had needed to set up another machine in the living room, making my mixed media supplies 'buried' for the duration. I wanted my table back!  Mr. Crow is all felt applique pieces done on a flannel background Wool applique is something that has interested me for along while, but it was 'just one of those things, that I had not gotten to. Hooay for a small sub-group of our Wednesday night quilting group. It's a small, beginning group of wool felt enthusiasts. I am a baby be

Addi Turbo Rockets: My Search For The Perfect Knitting Needle Is Over!

In all actuality these 'new to me' knitting needles will soon be a part of an updated version of my knitting needle comparison  V2, which is in the works. I was so excited though that I had to post a short note about these new Addi Turbo Rockets from Skacel knitting needles first! For me, finding the best knitting needle (the one that feels the most comfortable in my hands), makes a difference in the pleasure that I take in my knitting. I taught myself to knit on Addi Turbo's.  I have many pairs of these fixed circulars as well as their interchangeable sets in both regular and lace. Addi Turbos are, to me, the venerable, grand-daddy of all good circular knitting needles. There were times when I really disliked the cables on the Addi Turbos though since the kinks were so irritating at times, but I always loved the 'clickity clack' sound that they made. I found it soothing, and I did  lot of knitting on my Addi Turbos! As my love for knitting has grown so

Happy Saint Patrick's Day - Manicure Style!

 Saint Patrick's Day Manicure Style! Color:   Zoya 'Midori' HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY ! If anyone were to have asked me for a list of the things that I would be the least be likely to have any interest in, until recently, I would have added "nail polish ", or "nail care" close to the top of the list ! I am, after all, as my father would have called me, "a woman of a certain age". Many years ago, when I had a career in the 'real world' I used acrylic nails, and they were cared for bi-weekly. It was all affordable in Dallas where I lived at the time. I really ended up disliking the acrylic nails after a while and had them removed, which was, for me, a good decision. When I moved to 'my' little island many years ago things changed. Most people here don't wear nail polish for one thing, and I wanted to try to  'fit in'.  Also, I like to keep my nails short because I do so much work with them, and bec

The Retirement Quilt

Some friends have asked what ever became of my "retirement gift" quilt. I almost ended up having no images of this quilt since I finished it at 10:00 PM on thenight before it was to be gifted. These images, while not perfect, nor complete, were taken in a friend's office just before I took the quilt down to the "retirement boy". It looks smaller in the images becuase of the darker outer border, but it is a queen sized quilt.                      My good friend Keri Stone from Island Quilting on Orcas Island did a wonderful job of quilting it - as she always does! Below: A great circular pattern that Keri used to define the 25 patch blocks - see more below for how this looks on the reverse side.    I love the feathers! These are some of my favorite details.  Keri used a somewhat circular pattern (one of my new favorites) in the 25 patch areas.  I love how they made the blocks 'pouf' just a bit on the right side! The f

Catnap Fabric by Lizzie House and New "Perfect" Scissors

Gosh! I have had a really busy week. In one day I went for a great lunch with friends, from there to a retirement party, and then from there to our weekly quilting/sewing/knitting group. I NEVER do that much in one day! Yesterday, Saturday, we had a "sewcial" that was a lot of fun. It was a really good week, but I am tired and behind in everything non-social! As a true hermit I need to make myself be social, but I am grateful to have a group of long time friends and I have been blessed to feel as if I am "coming home" from a long absence from the local quilting community. Anyway ... When I saw this new fabric line from Andover I knew that a few of these fabrics had to come and live at my house! I am sure that any of you who are cat lovers can see the immediate attraction! This collection, called "CatNap" is designed by Lizzie House. I just happened to run across a vendor on Etsy, Fresh Modern Fabrics,  that had 1/2 yard cuts of all of the fa

A New Bag and a New Pair of "The Cure For Cold Feet""

In the past I have not used patterns to make my bags. As I contemplate developing my own patterns, however, I decided that it would be good to make a few bags from printed patterns so that I could decide what I like and what I don't. I always tend to change things up a bit anyway, but seeing how different people write patterns is helpful.  This design is the "Heffalump Bag" from Janine Babich Designs . I really like the effect that the binding makes and it opens nice and wide. The fabric that I fell in love with and won an a Guild "Aweful raffle". It's from Norway, and had been donated by the lovely, excellent teacher (my class from last weekend), Kitty Sorgen. I made my book pillow from another piece that she had donated that had sheep on it. I fell in love with both pieces of this home decor type fabric and had no clue what I would do with them, but I knew that I had to have them! First I used "Inn-Control Plus" from Creative Craft Pr