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Boston Commons Done , Wool Applique, Aurifil Lana Thread and Polish de Jour, Humming Haven

This has been a good week! On Saturday night at about 9pm local time I finally finished my Boston Commons Quit Top. This image is truly poor, but my camera was not liking the dark room. It's 90" X 83". The backing will be turquoise fleece. I offered DH  a choice of a lovely cotton print, wide back, or fleece. He says he will always prefer fleece to any other option. Okay then!  I had been SO eager to get this project done. Because there was s little space to lay it out or hang it I had needed to set up another machine in the living room, making my mixed media supplies 'buried' for the duration. I wanted my table back! 
Mr. Crow is all felt applique pieces done on a flannel background
Wool applique is something that has interested me for along while, but it was 'just one of those things, that I had not gotten to. Hooay for a small sub-group of our Wednesday night quilting group. It's a small, beginning group of wool felt enthusiasts. I am a baby beginner, but we have some a very skilled , very gracious, woman who in the person tah was interested in getting this little group going. I could not wait to start, and so I did these two little patterns from the very talented Lisa Bongean. She is one of the owners of Primitive Gatherings - and oh what lovely things they offer!

Now I am in lust to find wool - it;s so expensive and there is no where local. My friend, Janet, graciously shared a bit of luxurious stash with me so that I could get started! Anyone of scraps that they want to donate?! Just kidding, but I would be interested in buying some if you have any!

Thanks to Janet I was also able to start Mr. Sheep. As the needle indicates this one has just been started.
I have thoroughly fallen in love with Aurifil's Lana 12/2 wool thread for this sort of applique. It feels like butter going through the needle and just looks so darn nice! It luscious! 
There will be more of it in my sewing basket in the future! 
It's SO much nicer than using cotton embroidery thread of Perle cotton!

Nail polish de Jour? OPI "Teal The Cows Come Home". It's not a teal color to my eyes, my at least it's a lovely shimmery blue. I am having a lot of fun with the cool new colors in nail polish land, and I have not nibbled a cuticle since I started using it ! One bad habit conquered - at least for now!
Our hummingbirds are back. They are back early, and there are far more of them than usual for this early in the year. One friend suggested it could be due to the draught in California. I added a third feeder, and they are draining all three in a day. Gradually, as more arrive, I will add another 2-3 quart sized feeders. By dusk there are about 20 hummers at each feeder. I have gone through nearly 20 pounds of sugar ALREADY! They tell me quite well when they need more food and when it is tie to add another feeder. Yes, I am a bit obsessed by these amazing, fierce little wonders of nature!
 The photos below were all taken through a window - so the quality is not too great. It's 7:45 pm here now and it sound like most of them have sought their nesty little beds. All of sudden the sound of their wings stop at  night, and I know that bedtime has arrived!


  1. I love your quilt!!! It is really beautiful and cheery. I am so envious of your hummers. Do you get a variety of hummers? I swear you could train them to land on your hand and sip from a tea cup! I will dig through my wool scraps and send you some. Email me your address and color preferences. I too love the lana thread. I got some Maderia from the Kemshalls and it so wonderful to use. I am hoping to get some Aurifil to compare since it is easier to find. Have a fantastic week!


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