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Addi Turbo Rockets: My Search For The Perfect Knitting Needle Is Over!

In all actuality these 'new to me' knitting needles will soon be a part of an updated version of my knitting needle comparison V2, which is in the works. I was so excited though that I had to post a short note about these new Addi Turbo Rockets from Skacel knitting needles first!

For me, finding the best knitting needle (the one that feels the most comfortable in my hands), makes a difference in the pleasure that I take in my knitting. I taught myself to knit on Addi Turbo's.  I have many pairs of these fixed circulars as well as their interchangeable sets in both regular and lace. Addi Turbos are, to me, the venerable, grand-daddy of all good circular knitting needles. There were times when I really disliked the cables on the Addi Turbos though since the kinks were so irritating at times, but I always loved the 'clickity clack' sound that they made. I found it soothing, and I did  lot of knitting on my Addi Turbos!

As my love for knitting has grown so has my search for the perfect circular knitting needles. I have tried a lot of brands. Some I liked quite well, others, especially for the price point, I found a bit lacking. I always missed the sound of Addis Turbos, and I often wished that they made sharper points. Sharp points have become a necessity for me. I am no longer fond of the more rounded Addit Turbo profile.

I had heard about Addi Sock Rockets, but I did not buy any because I don't make too many pairs of socks these days (I have a shawl fetish in case you haven't noticed!) . I decided that I would not use the small sizes enough to make the purchase a wise investment.

Enter Addi Turbo Rockets.

 At first I wasn't really sure about whether they were still Sock Rockets - or if they were something else (dare I hope pointy needles in larger sizes?!). I contacted the amazing folks at Skacel and they very graciously offered to send me some of the Turbo Rockets for review. Thank you so much Skacel !!!

I am in heaven! The points that I wanted, combined with a more flexible, smoother cable and sharp points! Voila! Knitting wonderland for me! DH has since gifted me with additional sizes, and I am thrilled! These needles are just so dang good! Had I not liked them I would have included them in the upcoming "Circular Knitting Needle Comparison V2", but I would not have jumped my "giddy gun" and written about them now.  I do provide honest reviews, and seldom bother reviewing things that I am not thrilled with anyway.

My knitting needle dreams have true it seems. Now I need to find my dream metal double points! My Knitting Needle Comparison V2 is in the works, but it will take a bit of time to get it all together. Stand by for it.

 In the meantime, if you too miss the 'clickity-clack' of Addi's, but have also for Addis with sharp points - grab yourself a pair (or two or three!) of these knitting needle goodness ! I will be writing more about them in the near future.

I have found these needles to be widely available. seems to have a very complete line and 'in stock' supply of most sizes (as well as of the Sock Rockets). has them as well, but I just checked, and some sizes are back ordered. Hopefully, your very own LYS will either have them or be able to get them for you.

Look at the lovely, consistent, sharp points! Wonderful! There is a US Size 3 underneath and a US Size 8 on top


  1. Now those are some points I could get excited about! I learned to knit with my Gram and her needles. I think they were nylon? They had sharp, pointy ends and made a klunk sound. Then she bought metal ones and they clicked. :) I have searched high and low for pointy needles. I have threatened to sharpen my Clovers in the pencil sharpener. Thanks for the review. I will be keeping my eyes out for a new pair(s).

    1. I've MADE needles by sticking dowels in a pencil sharpener. Just don't use a fuzzy yarn for your first project on them!

  2. My dream needle as far as I can tell isn't yet made: From Knitters Pride/Dreamz people, I want METAL square needles, the cubics but in metal. Why? Sharp points. Comfortable cable. Metal won't break like the wood ones. I have broken TWO of the Cubics (small, I think size 2 or 3). Mostly it was my fault: one I packed into a suitcase, thinking that with the needles near and parallel to each other and near the side of the suitcase they would be fine. Nope. Snapped off at the join to the cable. Then I accidentally sat on my knitting, heard a snap, realized I hadn't moved the bag, and had broken the SECOND circular Cubicz. BUMMER, because I find the wood and square is a lot easier on my arthritic hands. So maybe they'll make a square. Maybe I'll follow your example and WRITE to them and ask...they need to know there is a demand for metal squares.......

    1. Knitter's Pride Nova Cubics are square metal needles. I also always break ( snap!) the smaller wooden and bamboo ones

  3. As a man, no one ever taught me knitting until I was much older (in my 50s), and I very quickly learned that the German-made Addi Turbos were worth the extra money -- they are wonderful, and as all I do is lace, I am very happy to hear of these improved lace points.


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