Catnap Fabric by Lizzie House and New "Perfect" Scissors

Gosh! I have had a really busy week. In one day I went for a great lunch with friends, from there to a retirement party, and then from there to our weekly quilting/sewing/knitting group. I NEVER do that much in one day! Yesterday, Saturday, we had a "sewcial" that was a lot of fun. It was a really good week, but I am tired and behind in everything non-social! As a true hermit I need to make myself be social, but I am grateful to have a group of long time friends and I have been blessed to feel as if I am "coming home" from a long absence from the local quilting community.

Anyway ...

When I saw this new fabric line from Andover I knew that a few of these fabrics had to come and live at my house! I am sure that any of you who are cat lovers can see the immediate attraction! This collection, called "CatNap" is designed by Lizzie House.

I just happened to run across a vendor on Etsy, Fresh Modern Fabrics, that had 1/2 yard cuts of all of the fabrics I wanted from the collection. Perect!  I may need more! Fresh Modern Fabrics is run by Alice Essinger and, although I do not personally know her, I was so pleased to receive my delightfully wrapped wee bundle that included the small sample squares to the right in the photo above. It was just a little extra that made me smile. I may have to order some of that red "knitting bunny" fabric! Packaging and 'little extras' always deserve a 'shout out' in my book!

Among many other places these great fabrics are also available from another of my favorite fabric shops, Island Quilter, who are also the largest purveyors of all things Kaffe Fassett  just in case you have a yen for some Kaffe color in the meantime! Another of my favorite online vendors, Hawthorne Fabrics, also carries the line.

Here are the little sample squares
that were included in my package
along with her business card -
I like the design of that too!

Some of you may recall that I also have a passion for good scissors. My favorites have been Dovo's for a long time. They are still the ones that remain closest to my heart, but I do like micro-serrated edges more and more.

My friend, Sarah Ann Smith, and I went to one of those mini classes in Houston some many ago, and we met Karen Kay Buckley for those 15-30 minutes or whatever it was that the mini lesson allowed for time wise. At that time Ms. Buckley had one scissor available, and I think it was the lime green handled 4" variety. I decided to splurge recently (I found that I needed a new pair of larger sized scissors) and had our local craft store order three pairs of Karen Kay Buckley's "Perfect Scissors" for me. 

I might have found them for less on line, but sometimes I like to buy locally to help to keep businesses prosper on our small island and in our seasonal economy.  Bonnie, the shop owner, was a bit surprised at the cost when they arrived. The large purple handled 7.5" scissors were 27.99 (the same price as I find them in many places on line). The lime green handled scissors are 4 inch "Perfect Scissors" and the little red handled ones are "Perfect Curved Scissors" and I think that they are 3.5" or so (they are great for tight spaces in applique). They all work very well, hold the fabric steady as you go and cut like a dream. I think that the micro-serration is one of the reasons that are a bit more expensive than other brands.

I have a little yellow handled set of 4" Omni Grid Scissors that I like a lot , and they are only about $15.+ on Amazon , but Karen Kay Buckley's "Perfect Scissors in 4" inch scissors like the pair that I ordered are also only $15.+ on Amazon as well - so I think that they are comparable priced.

I like the wide, padded, finger slots on"Perfect Scissors"  and you can really cut closely with these fine tips. They are a far cry from my ancient dress maker's scissors from Gingher that I bought in the late 70's. Another favorite remains Fiskars Soft Touch 8". I have an older model, and they remain very sharp and very comfortable. I still use them when, for some reason, I cannot use a rotary cutter on fabric!  I like my new scissor additions! A good splurge. I won;t need another pair of larger sized blades for along time now!


  1. thanks for the scissor review, both value and valuable info!
    good to hear you are enjoying retirement with friends .
    I love your Spoonflower offerings too!!

  2. Nice read! I like the suggestions.


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