The Retirement Quilt

Some friends have asked what ever became of my "retirement gift" quilt.
I almost ended up having no images of this quilt since I finished it at 10:00 PM on thenight before it was to be gifted. These images, while not perfect, nor complete, were taken in a friend's office just before I took the quilt down to the "retirement boy". It looks smaller in the images becuase of the darker outer border, but it is a queen sized quilt.

My good friend Keri Stone from Island Quilting on Orcas Island did a wonderful job of quilting it - as she always does!

Below: A great circular pattern that Keri used to define the 25 patch blocks - see more below for how this looks on the reverse side.   

I love the feathers!

These are some of my favorite details. 
Keri used a somewhat circular pattern (one of my new favorites) in the 25 patch areas.
 I love how they made the blocks 'pouf' just a bit on the right side!
The featherwork just makes such a beautiful dfference. The recipient LOVED the fleece backing. It's a rich chestnut color- most like the image above.
Our wonderful friend (he was our best man) who is beginning a new chapter. 
 I know that it will be amazing!


  1. the retiree looks content with his amazing gift of fabric and design and time you gifted him.
    thanks for showing how it was quilted and the great backing choice too !

  2. I swear I think I'd ship a quilt all the way across country to Keri if I need one longarmed! That's beautiful!


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