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The 1876 Centennial Quilt Project. A 19 Month Adventure

In October of 2015 eighteen of us began an interesting journey. Recreating a quilt that was made in Connecticut in 1876 as a centennial remembrance. This quilt was purchased at an estate sale in about 1998 by a Connecticut resident, Barbara F. Menasian for the small sum of $25.00!  We know nothing of the maker except for her initials, and we are not even able to decipher how those initials are read. 

Fast forward to 2015 when Barbara posted an image of it on a FaceBook group where Karen B. Alexander, a quilt historian and contributing member of the American Quilt Study Group chanced to see the photograph. Well, the rest of this happenstance becomes the story of our 19-month project. it was filled with highs and a few lows for some of us. Anne Dawson, quilt restorationist, quilt shop owner, quilt pattern drafter and quilter extraordinaire, became the person who painstakingly drafted these intricate patterns as she created her reconstruction of the quilt. her quilt followed the original …