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An irrestible face - but I can't bring myself to put pins in it! Never one to resist a cute owl face I just had to make this pincushion pattern! Of course, now that it is made, I cannot bring myslef to stick pins in it! Maybe in the future I will be able to but for now it is just a cute addition to my sewing table.  This pattern is called Edgar Owl and Poe and it is from Heather Bailey.   The sewing was surprisingly easy and the instructions are very well done.  In the not too distant past I had to write project instructions and I realized how difficult it can be to make them clear. Now I am always considering what I feel are well written instructions and which I think need work. These are great! I am in love with these fabrics. They are from Fig Tree and the collection is called Somerset . The link goes to one of my more favorite online emporiums - The Fat Quarter Shop. They offer great service, great selection and good pricing with a low limit for free shipping. No a

Circlets Of 2015 : January

One blog that I enjoy visiting is Woman With Wings . Her interests seem to align well with mine and I find a lot of inspriation from her thougts. One of the things that she did last year was to create a series of "Moondalas" . These embroidered circles intrigued me. I have always been a fan of circles and they seem to have always been a metaphor for my life. I begin a circle/cyle, then seemingly leave it, only to find that the wheel of fortune has once more turned, and I am back where I began many years later - albeit with a different reference point.  I used to think that this was a bad thing - that one should break away from the circles in one's life. Now, however, I look upon it as a good thing, and an opportunity to revisit things with a (hopefully) more mature, or at least different, mindset. It's like granting myself new eyes.  I wanted to make my own circles, but where to begin? I loved the concept of honoring the moon, but Woman With Wings had don

Sewing Machines: Which One For You?

Janome MC8900 I have sewed since I was about 8 years old. Back then my sewing was done on my Mother's Singer machine and, at the time, I suppose, the machine was a "top-of-the-line" model. Truth be told, I am not quite sure that the machine wasn't purchased with me in mind since my Mother did not sew that I remember. Over the years, I have sewn on  lot of machines. There was the Sear's Kenmore machine that I had way back when I first began making quilts (1976). It was a well-built workhorse that did its job. It taught me many things. Next there was another Sears machine that I borrowed when I was moving around a lot during my "climb the ladder" career phase.  The first sewing machine that I chose for myself was a Pfaff 7570. It was a great machine; a quiet, well-made and a workhorse. It was one that perhaps I should not have let go of. Sadly, a friend who purchased a newer model Pfaff within the past couple of years, said that the quality se

Fiber Arts For A Cause: Leaf Tales One

Leaf Tales One 9" X 12" leaf prints (wisteria and dove-foot geranium), printed and woven cottons, raw silk, beads Virginia Spiegel has been ne of my heroes for quite a few years. Not only do I like her art I admire her fund-raising efforts on behalf of cancer research. To date, she has raised a whopping $240,000. for cancer research through the efforts of her group "Fiber Arts For A Cause" (FFAC).  This year - and Virginia swears that it may be her last year - she will be raising $10,000 in ONE day. For all of the details on she plans to accomplish this amazing feat and for a list of the amazing artists who are involved have a look at "the 100" FFAC page HERE . When I was asked to participate I have to admit that every one of my insecurities surfaced. As I looked at the list of well know textile artists names my mind became blank. For just awhile, I came close to withdrawing! Foolish I guess, but insecurity is well-honed in my psyche.