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Boston Commons Quilt Class With Kitty Sorgen

This past weekend (and today (Monday 24 Feb) we have been having our first snow of the season. Yes, we have been much more lucky than anywhere else in the country this Winter! This same view today has a lot more snow to show! Also, this weekend I took a two day class with a wonderful teacher named Kitty Sorgen. She is a wonderful, talented,  and very attentive, teacher who lives locally. She teaches locally (and in California) as well as is far flung places like Africa and the wilds of Alaska where her class sites are not reachable by any roads! The 'Boston Commons' quilt pattern is an old one, and it is a very traditional one. I have never made one. I had considered taking this class and then, by fortune's chance, I won a spot in it at a Guild "Awful raffle". It was two day class, and we needed every minute of that time. One person, the speedy Po Powell, came close to having a finished top to take home with her, the rest of us were still placing strip

Which Way Should I Go?

A friend just prodded me a wee bit - telling me that I had not posted anything here in 3 weeks! I could not believe that it could be true! Times flies when you're having fun I guess! The mixed media fairy did not leave me for long. I guess I just need to go with the flow and play where the spirit moves me to. I started making these little pins and when they were finished I made a few more just for fun. I like them! DH had asked me to make a retirement gift for someone he has known for many years. I had hoped that he was going to go along with the idea of a generous 'sofa' quilt, but he said that he wanted a full sized bed quilt. I had given up on a project that I had been working on for some time. I'd been making 25 patch blocks that just became too boring to continue with (see previous post here ). I had made quite a lot of them, but with a large quilt looming on the horizon I was very grateful to have a starting place so that all of that time and fabric would

" A Passion For Colour" by Ruth Isset

Hardcover:  128 pages Publisher:  Search Press (November 1, 2013) ISBN-13 :  978-1844487455 I generally post my book reviews to my book blog, but this book just "feels at home" here on Musing Crow, and I thought that you might enjoy knowing about it. Ruth Isset is one of my favorite color artists. Her passion for color is obvious and dominates all of her work, both textiles as well and paper. I was enthralled by her 1999 book, "Colour On Cloth", which focused on some special effects of dye on cloth and stitch. Her 2007 release "Print, Pattern and Colour" is another favorite . These two books have remained solidly on my book shelf through all of my recent book purges . They are both keepers as is this new book, "A Passion or Colour". A 'Passion For Colour' , whose subtitle is 'Exploring Colour Through Paper, Paint, Fabric, Thread and Stitch', just about says it all. The same passion for color, the same amazin