31 July 2012

A Tisket A Tasket A Little Blue Typography Basket

Over on Arts In The Cards Revisioned we're working with the theme of typography. There have been some really unique and wonderful results so far - go have a look! I have a thing for baskets and I love making them! I use them for storing small nick knacks - one is a special one for the jewelry that I wear every day - things like that. So I decided to make a typography basket.  It's a mini. The height of the basket body is 2" high and the circumference is 2". The addition of the handle brings the total height to a mere 3.5"
The inside bottom 'joy'
I started by sewing; coiling very thin cording that's used to make Roman Shades into a basket shape. Next a white wash coat of acrylic paint followed by a light coat of Adirondack dabber paint in 'Pool'. Words that have meaning to me were added over the form of the basket. I also added stiffened words mixed with beads to the sides of the basket. One of my favorite words, 'joy', was added to the inside bottom of the basket and then covered with a solid bit of Inkssentials Glossy Accents that I let sit in an acrylic dome shape that came to me as clear packing material. I had been curious to see if I could make the technique work in that form and the dome effect enhances the word as a glass dome might. The bottom of the basket is also covered with words
The outside bottom
The handle with more words

21 July 2012

Ivy Time

The steps that I take each day at work were the inspiration for this image. I used four luscious textures from French Kiss Textures to complete the mood of  simple concrete steps over which the ivy has just begun it's sun searching journey.

16 July 2012

Fallow or Fertile?

The Unknown World
I've been floundering about in fallow seas lately. I've felt a bit distracted and un-focused. Of course I'm dabbling and playing; knitting and image making but nothing feels quite 'good' or 'great' enough. We all have these periods I know and I also know that they pass like a morning fog but the waiting can be a tad tedious!

My fascination with transparency continues and I have, at least, been having some fun trying different manners of blending images and color. These are a couple of examples of my current simple minded journaling play times....

I think that there are two ways to look at these 'down' times - one as a frustrating waste of valuable time and the other as a time of tending one's mental garden; 
a time to gather imagery and day dream. That's what I'm doing  and I'm looking forward 
to a mental Spring in the offing - soon!
Thea, my late, amazing grandmother in 1918

04 July 2012

Kat Sloma's PhotoHeart Connection - June

This photo, done for Kat Sloma's PhotoHeart Connection for June, depicts my inner questions about what to focus on- do I, indeed, need to narrow my interests in order to focus on fewer things?  It's also a reminder that it's what's right in front of eyes or under feet that that I need to be aware of. I must be in the moment and not wondering about the future or musing about the past.

03 July 2012

Daisy Heart

One of my favorite flowers decked out in in some of Kim Klassen's textures:
' Reverie', 'Pieces' & 'Let Go' plus a little personal mojo