16 July 2012

Fallow or Fertile?

The Unknown World
I've been floundering about in fallow seas lately. I've felt a bit distracted and un-focused. Of course I'm dabbling and playing; knitting and image making but nothing feels quite 'good' or 'great' enough. We all have these periods I know and I also know that they pass like a morning fog but the waiting can be a tad tedious!

My fascination with transparency continues and I have, at least, been having some fun trying different manners of blending images and color. These are a couple of examples of my current simple minded journaling play times....

I think that there are two ways to look at these 'down' times - one as a frustrating waste of valuable time and the other as a time of tending one's mental garden; 
a time to gather imagery and day dream. That's what I'm doing  and I'm looking forward 
to a mental Spring in the offing - soon!
Thea, my late, amazing grandmother in 1918

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  1. Some times you just got to roll up the sleeves and play which is what you're doing. You ARE being creative! Hugs, Karen


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