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Looking At The Week

This photo was taken Wednesday afternoon.  The sky was amazing - blazing colors with  alto cumulus clouds heralding the approach of a frontal system I have been finding that having my little gem of a pocket camera ( Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 ) with me at all times has greatly boosted the number of photographs I take in a day. I keep the camera in my purse and can easily pull over on the road and snap a shot. I love my Nikons - both SLR and DSLR- but they they were more cumbersome to tote along all the time. I've started taking a picture of tree that's outside my office window several times a week. It's going to be a year long exploration. It's a willow tree - and they are special to me anyway.   Thursday morning a fog bank had settled in over the island. The fog was thickest mid island where the valleys dip in and  the fog sprites opened their cloaks to cover the land This is a tree that stands by a lake on my route to and from town. It's where all of the cormorant

Stamped Metal Valentine Hearts and the book "Stamped Metal Jewelry" by Lisa Niven Kelley

 My most recent interest has been metal. I love embossing metal foil and, I suppose, stamping metal was a logical progression.  I want to learn some wire wrapping techniques (thanks to a necklace that I fell in love with on a jaunt to Roslyn, Washington last Fall). I am fighting to restrain myself from becoming enamored with jewelry making, but I wanted a book that would teach me a bit about the ins and outs of stamping metal to use in my mixed media work. I happened upon the most excellent website called Beaducation . Lisa Niven Kelly is the owner of the site and I found that she had recently published this little treasure of a book called "Stamped Metal Jewelry". You know I had to have it!  This book is exactly what I needed. It comes completed with a nifty instructional DVD. The book covers all of the basics about tools, gauges of metal and metal wire, dapping, riveting, applying patinas, hole punching and drilling, oxidizing, annealing and polishing metals. That's j

Welcome to MZ Johansen & Peregrinations

As some of you know I have been considering a different blog for some time now. After realizing that I was so comfortable with Blogger at this point I didn't want to change blog platforms . Of course next thought was what to call it. I felt as if I might be somehow 'cheating' people who would come to my blog, ZQuilts, looking for all things quilty. only to find pages about paints, metal, knitting, ATC's Journal Pages or arts books. I feel that I have changed my focus a bit - not that I am leaving my beloved quilts and quilting behind by any means - but I have become so enamored in things that I wanted to incorporate. I also wanted to 'brand' my work more under my name - rather than under ZQuilts. This was the means to make that change.  Peregrinations is the new blog title. It's an intransitive verb that means to wander from place to place. The new blog address is : One day as I drove home from work this week I was amaze